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Here are a few policies in regard to adding photos to the network.

# 1 : NO nudity. 

# 2 : Nothing that is not in good taste.  Yes, that is subjective.  Do not add pictures that you believe are not in good taste.  In addition, I will try to delete images that "I" believe are not in good taste... Just think carefully about photos, before adding them.

# 3 : Although we are happy to learn about you, we do NOT need to see random pictures of your house, neighborhood, friends, dog, toilet etc.  Please do not be offended if we delete the pictures you post of miscellaneous objects and friends.  We may allow a few photos so that everyone can make their profile unique.  But do NOT upload numerous photos that are not relevant to fashion.

If you see photos on the network that you believe are not in good taste, please contact Apparel1 so we can investigate.  Certainly, it is impossible for us to police every single photo.  Your help keeping the site clean is greatly appreciated.

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