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Welcome to the worlds greatest guide to Children's Pajamas.  Are you actually looking for Children's Pajamas?  Well, we hope you are because the reality is that you have found our Children's Pajamas page.  In this children's clothing area of the Apparel Search directory, you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding Children's Pajamas and kids fashion.

Pajamas, or pyjamas, often shortened to PJs, jimmies, jimjams or jammies, can refer to several related types of clothing. Pajamas are loose-fitting, two-piece garments derived from the original garment and worn chiefly for sleeping, but sometimes also for lounging.  In regard to "children's" pajamas garment has issues of critical importance.  The issue of flammability.  The pajamas must meet the federal flammability standard for children's sleepwear.  For more details you can research the U.S. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION Office of Compliance Children's Sleepwear Regulations1, 16 C.F.R. Parts 1615 & 1616.  Learn about sleepwear safety regulations at the website.

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What ever type of pj's your kids are wearing is in fashion.

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