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Let us start by saying this type of shirt has nothing to do with Ruffles brand potato chips.  We are only discussing clothing on this website.

A ruffle is a strip of material, gathered along one edge to make an ornamental frill on a garment or other piece of fabric.

womens ruffles

In modern times a blouse most commonly refers to a woman's or girls dress shirt.  Traditionally, the term has been used to refer to a shirt which blouses out or has an unmistakably feminine appearance.

A women's ruffle blouse is obviously a blouse that has ruffles.

A ruffle blouse remains a top feminine wardrobe piece that we believe every woman should own. It is the sort of go to garment that should be in most closets.  Great for a casual setting or even for professional dressed up occasion.  This type of shirt can be worn with different pieces to create alternating looks.

womens ruffle blouses

Ruffles and flounces remain a fashionable form of trim, off-and-on into modern times.

In sewing and dressmaking, a ruffle, frill, or furbelow is a strip of fabric, lace or ribbon tightly gathered or pleated on one edge and applied to a garment, or other textile as a form of trimming.

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