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The Apparel Search Company provides a fabulous directory of clothing factories from around the world.  You no longer will have a difficult time sourcing buttons, threads, waistband and other trims needed to produce clothing.  Let the factory source the components so that you can buy a "complete" garment  The apparel factory directory below will provide you an easy way to locate manufacturers based on the category of clothing that they produce.  For example, you will find robes, rainwear, shirts, skirts, swimwear, underwear, tailored clothing, t-shirts, sportswear, and more.  Don't forget, this is actually the second page of the category listings.  If you can't find a particular garment category below, it may be back on the first page.

If you need additional assistance with garment sourcing or production, contact our Production Services Department.  We specialize in the production of Clothing & Fashion accessories.   In addition to sourcing your factories, we can monitor your quality assurance programs and assist with the maintenance of on time delivery.

Protective Clothing Rainwear Reflective Clothing
Resort Wear Robes Sarong
Shapewear Shawls / Scarves Shirts
Shoes / Footwear Shorts Skirts
Skiwear Slippers Socks / Hosiery
Sportswear Suspenders Sweaters
Sweatsuits Swimwear Tailored Clothing / Suits
T-shirts Underwear Vests
Uniforms Wallets Women's Nightwear

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