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For humans, a haircut or hairstyle normally describes cutting or styling head hair, rather than other body hair such as pubic, facial or underarm hair. Unlike other animals, human beings of many cultures cut their hair, rather than letting it grow naturally. Hair styles are often used to signal cultural, social and ethnic identity. Hair styles in both men and women also vary with fashion.

There is a thriving world market in cut human hair of sufficient length for wig manufacture. In less developed countries, selling one's hair can be a significant source of income.

Types of Hair Cuts:

Afro, curly hair allowed to grow out equally all around, popular with African Americans, but worn by others

Beatle cut, after the fashion of the early Beatles, long all around, neatly cut, very new to Americans at the time, but not an uncommon British haircut. During the height of Beatlemania Beatle wigs were sold.

Buzz cut, also called a butch cut, short all over

Bob, a short cut for women, first popular in the 1920s, considered a sign of a liberated woman.

Bowl cut or Moe, after the Three Stooges character

Chonmage, a samurai's topknot. The hair on the top of the head was usually shaved, and the rest of the hair gathered together and tied in a topknot. A modified version is still worn by sumo wrestlers.

Comb over, combing hair over a bald spot.

Cornrows, where hair is braided tightly in rows; originally an African hairstyle,

Crew cut, similar to buzz, originally worn by college rowers in the 1900s to distinguish themselves from football players, who had long hair (to supplement the inadequate helmets of the time)

DA, for "duck's ass", combed long on sides, parted in back, also called ducktail or southback. The parting in the back caused the hair to stick up, hence the name.

Devilock, Short in back and on sides, long in front.

Dreadlocks, where hair is divided into many long plaits. Originally a Rastafarian hairstyle.

Flattop, just as it says, when combined with DA, called a Detroit

High and tight, cut/buzzed very short (or even shaved) on sides and back up to the crown where the hair is left longer, can be a variation of crew cut or flattop

khokhol/chochol/chachol, a Slavic name for a longer tuft of hair left on top or on the front side of the otherwise cleanly shaven or shortly cut man's hair.

Low and tight, cut/buzzed very short (or even shaved) on sides and back up to a line above the ears but below the crown, hair is left longer above this line

Mohawk, both sides shaved, buzz cut in the middle. Often used meaning "Mohican"

Mohican, both sides shaved or buzzed, longer in the middle

Mullet, short on top, quite long on sides

Ofuku, worn by apprentice geisha in their final two years of apprenticeship. Similar to the wareshinobu style. Also called a momoware ("split peach") because the bun is split and a red fabric woven in the centre.

Pompadour, big wave in the front, named for Madame de Pompadour aristocratic fashion leader of pre-Revolutionary France, mistress of Louis XV of France. Elvis Presley had one.

Ponytail, long hair is tied back from the face

Side-locks: a hairstyle popular amongst Orthodox Jews where the peyos or side-locks are allowed to grow long, whilst the rest of the hair is cut.

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Tonsure, a haircut where the crown of the head is shaven.

Undercut, variation of a bowl cut where the sides and back are cut/buzzed very short (or even shaved) so that the longer top hair (partially) covers buzzed hair

Wareshinobu, a hairstyle worn by geisha. Resembles a large bun and enhanced with a large number of flutters and other decorations.

Shaven head, or "skinhead", not always, but often, a political statement

Short back and sides, "boy's haircut"

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