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RVCA is a clothing company based in Costa Mesa, California


RVCA was founded by PM Tenore, who is also the creative director. The company markets itself as an original combination of art, music, fashion and a modern lifestyle. At the forefront of this goal has been RVCA's Artist Network Program (ANP) - a venture established to showcase both renowned and relatively unknown artists.


RVCA is closely associated with skateboard and surf culture; the company sponsors a skateboard and surf team. RVCA clothing is found in skateboard/surf shops and can also be found in Zumiez, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Tilly's, The Buckle, PacSun and numerous other shops. B.J. Penn, sponsored by RVCA, wears his RVCA trunks for major UFC events.

Because of its art focus, RVCA is also associated with the street graffiti subculture. RVCA is involved with various contemporary art galleries such as New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles and the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco Established to promote the genuine integrity of RVCA's subcultures while simultaneously giving back to the community. RVCA is also pronounced "Ruca" which is the proper way to say the brand's name.

Sponsored artists

Mark Hunter (Photographer)

Cory Early (Photographer)

Jack Johnson (Musician)

Matt Costa

Christian Jacobs (The Aquabats)

Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo)

Ed Templeton

Mark Mulroney

Mickey Avalon

Brendan Fowler

Matt Gordon

Leo Vieira (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter)

B. J. Penn

Vitor Belfort

Carter Beach (Octogenarian student, Bloggist on the BeachReport.com)


Surf Team

Matt Archbold

Makua Rothman

Asher Pacey

Daniel Jones

Dino Adrian

Ford Archbold

Jarrah Tutton

Kalani David

Alex Knost

Nathan Webster

Russel Smith

Christian Fletcher

Carter "Life is a" Beach

Justin Thomas

Luis Jeronimo

Skate Team

Austin Stephens

Cairo Foster

David Reyes

Ed Templeton

Josh Harmony

Keegan Sauder

Kevin Long

Leo Romero

Nestor Judkins

Raymond Molinar

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