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The stiletto heel can be found on some high-heeled shoes and boots. Generally speaking, this kind of heel is high and narrow, appearing as if a stiletto dagger or spike is emerging from the footwear. Originally, the principal design philosophy behind the stiletto heel was to lengthen the appearance of the legs.

Stilettos can vary in length, some are only an inch off the ground, while other more exotic shoes can have over six inch heels. There are a large variety of different stiletto shoe designs, both in terms of the materials used and the height of the heel.

Stilettos are often associated with shoe fetishism. For persons with such a fetish, these heels can exude a sense of sexual strength and control over a situation or individual. Conversely, these heels also can represent a sense of danger, as being so small, could create danger standing up for the person wearing them.

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