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A corsetmaker is a specialist tailor who makes corsets. Corsetmakers are frequently known by the French equivalent terms corsetier (male) and corsetiere (female).

The best corset makers are highly skilled tailors, and have some knowledge of anatomy which enables them to make well-fitting, long-lasting corsets. In addition, corsetmakers who produce historical styles need to be familiar with historical fashions and costumes from hundreds of years of history.

Individual corset makers often favor a certain style, and frequently have theories about the physical impacts and benefits of corsets that influence their corset design and construction.

Design of corsets

Some of the considerations of corset design are: 1. Duration of use.

For short-term use, e.g. used for a special event such as a wedding. This corset will be rarely worn and will not show visible wear, and therefore does not need to be of the highest quality of construction.

For long-term use, e.g. by Tightlacing or waist training. Corsets of this kind must be made to the most exacting standards, and are best custom-fitted and designed for a sole user. If it has one weakness, it will be visible.

Famous Corsetmakers

Thomas Paine

Daniel Kops

Amy Crowder

Cathrine Griswold

In's Gaches-Sarraute

Fakir Musafar

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