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The most current books on the business of the fashion trade and running a fashion company.

At the business books section you will find apparel industry business resources such as the following.

The Birnbaum Report/strategic Sourcing for Garment Importers : A monthly electronic newsletter by David Birnbaum, detailing all the news and trends in the international garment industry, to help manufacturers and importers work at the best price and source in the best countries.

Birnbaum's Global Guide To Material Sourcing : The global garment industry is moving from product supplier to service provider. This great, new text by David Birnbaum explains how to source fabric and trims in the post-2005 era. You can no longer depend on how you sourced materials a few years ago, those methods are already antiquated. Is your company on the leading edge, or are you falling behind?

The Vendor Compliance Handbook : This book answers the questions of any new designer: ?How do I produce a garment??, ?Where do I start??, and ?What standards should I use?? The book should help all those that are beginning in the fashion industry, and also facilitate those with existing loopholes that have been making their daily jobs grueling and hurting their businesses over time.

The Vendor Compliance Forms and Data Templates : The Vendor Compliance Forms and Data Templates are frequently used in product development. These forms will save valuable time in "getting it right"!

The Business of Fashion/designing, Manufacturing, and Marketing : This heavily illustrated textbook focuses on the organization and operation of the fashion industry and how apparel is designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed.

Ready-to-Wear Apparel Analysis : Excellent reference guide that concisely covers all areas of apparel design, evaluation,?production and merchandising.

Apparel Manufacturing/sewn Product Analysis : This comprehensive textbook provides in-depth coverage of all facets of apparel manufacturing in today's global industry.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing : A practical, no nonsense guide to assist those who would like to begin their own sewn products business, explaining many of the pitfalls that they can now avoid.

Fashion Designers Survival Guide : Provides the necessary tools to get a fashion line or label up and moving on the right track, including: Start-up costs and financing , Legal issues, Business plans, Public relations and sales, Marketing and manufacturing, Distribution-trade, trunk, and runway shows.

The Official Step By Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line : This is the manual that will help you launch your clothing line in a big way like a pro! This guide is a very informative step by step manual that educates aspiring designers on how to create their own clothing line from scratch. It covers everything you need to know and more!

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If you are new to the fashion industry or an experienced garmento, reading books about fashion and textiles is one of the best things you can do to stay ahead of the competition.  If you are serious about fashion, it is very important to stay educated regarding all issues regarding fiber to fashion.  Read a book about fabrics, manufacturing, pattern making etc.

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