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Is there such a thing as a "new" vintage fashion trend?  Clearly it is challenging to think of something as both new and old at the same time. 

In our opinion there is such a thing as a new vintage trend.  Although a particular style existed in the past, it does not mean that it is currently in style.  Clothes or accessories must have a "current" interest from consumers to be deemed as trendy.  In terms of apparel, a designer can bring old styling into present day and if consumers agree with the concept the designs can become trendy in modern times.

Designers can pull entire garment from historical reference or a specific element from a previously created garment.  They can create an entirely vintage piece or a partially vintage item.  When designers pick from the past and develop current interest, they have essentially developed a new vintage trend.

Often times, a particular aspect of vintage clothing would be utilized on a garment.  For example, a vintage style colar may be used on a modern blouse to give it a unique flare.  The entire blouse may not be vintage, but it could potentially utilize a vintage component.

With all of this said, let's keep in mind that many people think of vintage fashion as a lifestyle choice.  Some of us enjoy small aspects of our clothing to have a vintage element or two.  Others of us enjoy dressing in complete garments from a previous era.  Either way, learning more about vintage fashion is always a good idea.  We hope that you find the trend boards on this page helpful for your exploration.

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