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At first glance a fashionista with limited experience could potentially contemplate the swimwear category to be one with limited trend options.  This is simply not the case.  Sure, the number of silhouettes is limited, but what classification of garment does not have its limitations.  When I say that the silhouette choices are limited, I am referring to the number of primary body styles.  For example, in regard to women's, most people would agree that the two primary choices would be between a "one piece" or a "two piece".  With that said, there are clearly many varieties within these broad classifications.  In addition to consumers selecting between purchasing a one piece swimsuit or a two piece, they would need to determine many other factors when determine which suit is truly trendy.

Swimwear Tops


Bandeau Swimwear Top


Tankini Swimwear Top

Push Up

Push-Up Swimwear Top


Halter Swimwear Top


Triangle Swimwear Top


Hanky Swimwear Top


Midkini Swimwear Top


Swimwear Bottoms




Hipster Swimwear Bottom

Mock Tie

Mocktie Swimwear Bottom

Boy Short

Boy Short Swimwear Bottom


Skirtini Swimwear Bottom

Amazing White Binki Trends

When reviewing the available selection of one piece, tops, or bottoms, it is important to note that each of these items would have opportunity for styling variations.  Some variations being slight and others more extreme.  These variations would make the swimwear either stand out as being trendy or possibly stand out as being not at all worthy of consumer attention.

Silhouette and styling is one of many aspects one must consider when evaluating bathing suit options for either men, women, or children.  fabric colors, fibers, and construction are worthy considerations when trend spotting.  Maybe fringe or crochet is in style this year.

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According to the men at the Apparel Search Company, the hot trend this year should be a "one piece bikini".  Think about it… What would a one piece bikini look like???

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