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Do you have a favorite aspect of the fashion industry?  Or possibly a favorite resource that is relevant.  Share you favorite fashion resources and we can possibly post them for you in this section.

Learn about Fashion Weeks around the world.

Read about fashion and style from the fashion bloggers.

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Fashion Industry Network

Favorite Fashion Products

Summary of Fashion

Apparel Magazine

Clothing Model Directory

Fashion Books

Fashion Calendar

Fashion Salad - blog

Fashion Week Photos

Clothing Industry Directory

Clothing B2B

Sorry, we are tired of typing fashion favorites.  We suggest you go back to our directory main page and search the directory from the beginning.  There are simply too many favorites to mention them all.

If you don't work in the clothing industry and are looking for interesting information for consumers, you are welcome to check out our new consumer section for several excellent resources.

Non-Apparel Industry Favorites: These are links to some very good web sites.  However, they are not necessarily related to the Apparel Industry.  They are still good.

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