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Services are generally defined as an act of helpful activity, help, or aid.  The entire Apparel Search website is intended to help the fashion industry.  Much of the information that we provide is free for members of the garment or textile industry to view.  However, we also have some areas of the site that may lead to products or services that would require payment.  In this section of our fashion website we wish to highlight a few of the free services that may be of interest to you.

Using resources, skill, ingenuity, and experience, service providers effect benefit to service consumers. Thereby, service providers participate in an economy without the restrictions of carrying inventory (stock) or the need to concern themselves with bulky raw materials. Hence, the majority of the resources that we provide to the apparel industry are in regard to information, data, and research.  We are certainly not offering up free products.  So if you were visiting this page with the hopes of obtaining a free handbag or new pair of shoes, you can forget about it.  Unfortunately, we are not here to give you free clothing.

Employment Guide - we now have two primary sections for employment issues (both of which are FREE for viewing).

Our Fashion Industry Jobs Directory - employment resources, employment agency listings, job guides etc.

Our Fashion Jobs Web Site - jobs database system for employers to post job opportunities for the fashion and textile industry.  In addition to benefiting "employers", the service aids "employees" with locating employment opportunities relevant to fashion, clothing or textiles.  Fashion industry employees can post resumes that they can edit as their experience changes.

Classifieds - you can post or read classified ads that are relevant to the Apparel Industry.  You may freely post regarding business opportunities, show room availability, sample sales, special events etc.  To be honest, our fashion classifieds section is a bit outdated at the moment.  In addition to this resource, you may want to check the Fashion Industry Network website and use the "forum" which can also serve as a classified listing system.

Post News About Your Company  (Press Releases) In this section, you can read or post news that is related to the Apparel, Fashion, or Textile industries.  Has your company recently purchased your competition, add it here. You can also add your news at our new site called the Fashion Newspaper.

Message Board System for buying or selling products or services:

Free News Letter - Our news letter will contain information & news that is related to Apparel, Fashion & Textiles.  Excellent way to stay on top of industry news and events.

Calendar of Events - Are you planning a trade show, seminar, workshop, association meeting, etc.?  If the event is directly relevant to the Apparel, Fashion & Textile industries, we will post your event on our calendar for free.  Visit our new Calendar site at

Trade Leads Database - The Apparel Search Company provides a directory to find web sites that allow posting and viewing clothing & textile industry trade leads. In addition to using the latest technology you can find some of the most active systems in the clothing industry.

Fashion Week Photos - the Fashion Week Photos website provides a free method for fashion blogs and fashion news & media companies to obtain fashion images for their fashion relevant articles and blog postings.  The images are free for use, BUT the user must follow a few specific guidelines.  The requirements can be viewed at the Fashion Week Photos website. The primary rule is that the fashion images can not be altered in anyway.

Additional Free services will follow shortly.   Please note that Apparel Search is not a nonprofit organization.

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