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The increasing cost of production is one of the biggest challenges facing China's casual backpack and schoolbag industry today. Soaring material prices and rising workers' salaries pushed manufacturing costs up by as much as 20 percent last year.

However, because of intense competition, especially in the low-end segment, suppliers have been able to pass only 10 percent of these additional costs to buyers. This has resulted in shrinking profit margins, particularly for companies that focus on low-priced knapsacks. Makers are now looking at ways to deal with the higher production costs and increase their profitability.

The following are some of the key trends we see in China's casual backpacks and schoolbags industry:

Increasing production costs will continue to be a concern for backpack manufacturers in China. While about half of the suppliers are keen on keeping export prices stable in the next 12 months, the other half have definite plans to raise prices.

Some makers will increase the production of high-value products such as fashion and specialty backpacks, which will give them higher profit margins.

Multicolor casual backpacks and schoolbags in brighter shades are becoming popular. Many of the new products come with multiple compartments for mobile phones and CD or MP3 players. Some even have earphone ports.

Developing new designs and researching alternate fabrics that can either lower the cost of a product or increase functionality will be the R&D focus for most makers.

OEM production will continue to drive exports for the next few years.

The United States and the European Union will remain the country's major destinations for casual backpacks and schoolbags, with the Middle East and Asia growing in importance.

Suppliers in China export four types of backpacks
knapsacks, school and children's backpacks, fashion backpacks and specialty packs. These products are the scope of this report.

Almost all backpack manufacturers produce knapsacks, and some specialize in the line. More than 70 percent of suppliers featured in this report produce all four kinds of casual backpacks for export and more than 60 percent have knapsacks as their main product line.

The Products & Prices section in this report discusses the main features of each backpack type and their price ranges. It also explains the differences between low-end, midrange and high-end products in each product category.

Product development and design focus are discussed in the R&D/design section, while the Materials & Components module details the main fabrics used by China makers.

The Manufacturing section lists the key steps in backpack production and how these differ in companies of different size.

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Casual Backpacks & Schoolbags

Report on Casual Backpacks & Schoolbags
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Escalating raw material costs
coupled with a labor shortage
caused production costs of China-made school and casual backpacks to jump by almost 20% in 2004.

Due to intense competition, manufacturers have not passed all these additional costs on to buyers. But the situation is expected to change, if rising oil prices push nylon-fabric costs up.

The profiles of key manufacturers in this report will help you choose which makers are best equipped to deal with your requirements and with the challenges ahead.

Plus, the industry analysis, product comparisons and practical advice contained in this one-of-a-kind publication will let you develop the most effective sourcing strategies possible.

  Suppliers: 83 Products: 107 Pages: 114 Published: Apr 05 Price: US$395

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