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Allied Export Industries

New Delhi-based Allied Export has its own design studios under the name of Allied Export International in Paris and Holland. The studios develop buyers' designs and are also engaged in the creation of new designs, using computer-aided design techniques.

OEM orders take up 100 percent of production. About 48 percent of women's garments are exported to the United States and 40 percent to Europe. The company exports the remaining 12 percent of garments to Latin American countries like Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

Main products in women's garments are women's tops, accounting for 55 percent of export volume, and dresses, at 20 percent.

Price range of knitted tops is from US$1.90 to US$6 per piece, while woven tops go for US$3.10 to US$8. Skirts are available for US$3.75 to US$10, and dresses from US$5 to US$18. The company makes sleepwear and loungewear in the price range of US$4 to US$14.

Design is focused on developing street fashion, casual wear, holiday wear and sports wear.

Allied Export sources cotton fabric or yarn-dyed cotton fabric from Erode, Coimbatore and Chennai, Tamil Nadu state; polyester fabric from Surat, Gujarat state; and fabric-printing services from Ahmedabad (Gujarat state), Jodhpur (Rajasthan state) and Delhi. It also sources polyester and polyester blended fabrics from South Korea, China, Indonesia and Taiwan.

fabrics undergo 100 percent checking, with laboratories such as Intertek Testing Services (ITS) and SocitGnrale de Surveillance (SGS), if buyers specify.

The company has also applied for Six Sigma certification, a methodology intended to reduce process variation to within a limit, which will result in 3.4 or fewer defects per million samples.

The company has two factories in NOIDA in Uttar Pradesh, which work on assembly line basis, and the two factories in Delhi work on make through basis. The factories in NOIDA have social, quality and environmental compliance as per US and European norms.

The company has 22 production lines in all. The two factories in NOIDA have a total of 15 production lines, each consisting of 36 operators.

The company has 30 cutting machines from Eastman Machine Company and Patti; around 1,000 sewing machines, which include single-needle and double-needle sewing machines; and over-lock machines from Juki Corp and Brother Industries of Japan. It also has computerized button-hole and button-attachment machines from Brother, as well as a belt-attaching machine.

The company has built a high level of flexibility into its manufacturing facility. According to the company, its facilities can be switched to produce another style of garment or use a different variety of fabric in 30 minutes.

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Production checklist  

Assembly lines

R&D staff 31
QC staff 28
Cutting machines 30
Knitting machines 20
Embroidery machines 45
Sewing machines (general and specialized) 1,000
Pressing equipment 30

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India Sourcing Report

Women's Garments

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India is poised to be the next big winner
after China
in textile manufacturing, with garment exports expected to grow 20% year-on-year by the end of 2005.

To meet this anticipated increase in demand, suppliers are upgrading their production facilities. They are also working to improve quality and reduce delivery lead times.

With impartial profiles of 84 key manufacturers, as well as an overview of the industry, this report will help you source women's garments more easily and cost effectively from India.

You will benchmark leading suppliers and improve your competitive edge with detailed information on design trends, price forecasts, QC developments and more.

  Suppliers: 84  Products: 125  Pages: 117  Published: Jan 05  Price: US$445
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