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Welcome to the Handbag Trimming Factory section of our guide.  In this area you will find places to search for the components that are used to manufacture handbags.

When designing handbags a designer has many issues to consider.  The silhouette, color, materials, etc.  Choosing a proper handbag closure is also an important design element to consider.  If you are looking for zippers for handbags, you may want to try the following resources:

Plastic Zipper Factory

Metal Zipper Factories

Polyester Zipper Factories

Zipper Factory Directory

PVC Tape Zippers

Zipper Slider / Zipper Pulls

Invisible Zipper Factory

Zipper Heat Seal Patches

In addition to zippers, you should learn about other closure methods such as toggles, buckle factories, buttons and hook & loop.

You may want to also browse the trims & notions directory website.  In addition, you should check out the components section on Apparel Search.

You can also search for trim such as closures, buttons, bows, etc., from the fashion trimming area.

If you know of any additional handbag trim resources, please let us know