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Are invisible zippers really invisible?  The definition of invisible is an item that can not be seen.  In my opinion, it is not really possible to create an invisible zipper.  If it was invisible, would it really be possible for a sewing operator to locate the zipper in order to sew it onto the garment?  Actually, I am just kidding about above.  The zipper itself is not truly invisible.  It is not even necessarily clear.  In fact invisible zippers come in various colors.  You can probably get an invisible zipper in bright orange.  Certainly that component would not be very invisible.

Invisible zippers do not come in as many colors as regular zippers, but that is OK because the zipper is hidden for the most part.  So matching the color of the zipper to the color of the fabric is not as critical is it would normally be if using a regular zipper.

Here are a few more resources that may help you better understand the invisible zipper.
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