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In this section of our directory we provide links to various resources relevant to handbags.  We hope that you find this information helpful for your research.

Handbag Group on FIN - this link will take you to the appropriate group on the Fashion Industry Network.

Luxury Handbags - find retailers that sell luxury products including designer handbags from the leading international brands.

Handbag Retail Stores - department stores and boutiques that sell handbags.

Handbag Wholesalers - distributors of handbags.  The companies listed in this section are wholesalers that sell to retail stores; not to consumers.

Handbag Factories - factories that produce handbags to sell to wholesalers and retailers.

Handbag News - news collected from various sources on the internet.

Handbag Designers - designers that specialize in designing handbags, purses, and other types of bags.

Leather Industry Portals - helpful for manufacturers that wish to learn about or purchase leather for manufacturing product.

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Learn about important companies in the handbag market:

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