The Second China International Hosiery Purchasing Expo
Fashion News Article Posted January 25, 2007

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The 2nd China Hosiery Purchasing Expo 2007

Show time
March 2-4 ,2007    

Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Ratified by:
All-china Federation of industry &commerce   

Sponsor unit:
China Tongyuan I/e Corp.                    
Shanghai underwear profession association

Specially supports:
Haining city sock industry association
Zhuji city sock industry association
Yiwu city sock industry association
Nation sock industry association
Specialized committee
Specialized media

Undertaking unit:
Shanghai Gehua Exhibition service Co.,Ltd.


On March 4, 2006 we held the First China Hosiery Purchasing Expo, and it was very successful, this fair display area is more than 5,000 square meters, specialized audience are 6,216 people. The trade fair obtained professional's consistent high praise; specialized ideas have been used. The trade fair nearly included Chinese all well-known brands, like: LangshaHengyuanxiangMengnaBaonasi SukenoKuailuAigu knittingHuazhong GrandNiepceMaliyaShengfengRSCSanghe Tianma OutiaiZhongmao and so on, it also include the Taiwan 4 enterprises, Hong Kong's 3 enterprises, South Korea's 7 enterprises enabled the first China Hosiery Purchasing Expos
participation enterprises to achieve 115.

Many audiences and visitors are from Japanese, South Korean, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysian, America, the European Union, the Americas country and so on. 27 national and the local more than 500 socks industry trading companies, the purchase group, also there are many Chinese correlation customer and so on the inland 3,000 import-export company have attended our fair. All these in order to provide the good foundation for this years
sock purchasing fair, meets the customer resources to lay a good foundation!

Therefore, under this good background, we believe this time will be more successful. And we hold the
The 2nd China Hosiery Purchasing Expo 2007
on the
Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
. The East China fair will hold with us on the same time. The audience superiority supplementary believed will have the multitudinous domestic and foreign purchases business to arrive, hand in hand together will make this sock industry to become the grand meeting.

We have the reason to believe under, in the sponsor unit, the undertaking unit Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd. joint effort, under the general industry in enterprises' support, The 2nd China Hosiery Purchasing Expo 2007 will certainly to become Chinese and the world sock profession yearly grand meeting, to be the sock holiday; Becomes a most important purchase and exchanging platform!

  Specialized buyer promoted invitation

Organization & Promotion:

1. Invites the international sock field representative, the dealer, the import-export company, international purchase business when to be able to purchase

2. Make advertisements on China knitting net, the socks industry net, the broadcasting station, the television station, the economical frequency channel and so on the;

3. 300,000 admission tickets are to be printed and sent out through the professional buyer database established by the organizer to the professionals. Besides, official delegations, trade delegations, and expert groups will be invited through industrial associations and societies to pay visits and conduct guidance and exchanges on the site.

4. A large volume of publicity and promotion are to be carried out via more than 30 related media both domestic and overseas.

5. Authoritative professionals of the industry are to be invited to conduct academic symposiums and technical seminars.

2. Overseas buyers

1. International brands store 

2. International large store 

3. Overseas retail buyers 

4. Trade agent

5. Export and import Company


3. Domestic buyers

Trade fairs will invite the domestic sock field representative, the organization official visiting group, the trade visiting group, the sock dealer, foreign trade business, the import-export company, the large-scale supermarket, all of them will be the visitors to purchases the exchange.

  Participation Fees:

Standard Booth: (Notes: A 20% surcharge will be levied for reservation of a booth with 2 facades)

   Domestic enterprises: 8,800 (RMB) / 9 sq.m.3 m
3 m
)(Free of renting business table

Overseas enterprises: 2,000 (USD) / 9 sq.m.3 m
3 m

1.  Each standard booth (9sq.m. at least) consists of 3-sided partitions (except for 2 facades), 1 information desk, 2 chairs, 1 hang rod, bilingual fascia board, 2 spotlights, 1 220V/5A power socket, fully covered carpet.

2. All exhibitors will enjoy the services of organizing clients for negotiations, publishing company profile in the Show Catalogue, cleaning and security on the site, insurance, advertising on the newspapers and magazines, etc.

3. We provide the service of booking hotel, the enterprises will free of the troubles in booking room.

4. Provide the special attire to all participations enterprise to build, the exhibit article transportation, and so on the correlation service

  Advertising in the Show Catalogue:

 □  Front cover: RMB 30,000

 □  Back cover: RMB 20,000

 □  Black-and-white full page: RMB 3,000

 □  Colored full page: RMB 6,000.00

 □  Inside front: RMB 18,000

 □  Inside back: RMB 12,000

  arched entrance: RMB 5,000(15M)

□outdoors advertisement: RMB 5,000(3MX6M) 

  Scope of Exhibits:

  Men sock  □Women sock  □Children sock □five fingers sock □baby sock

  trousers sock  □Wool circle sock  □Sports sock □student sock

  ship sock  □each kind of correlation supplementary material, production equipment

  underwear  □accessories  □computer-aided design, trade publication and so on sock knitting machine, sock gauze, lace, thorn rust

  Participation Procedures:

1. After making a decision to participate in the exhibition, ask the Organizer for application Form & Agreement. Fill out the Application Form & Agreement, and submit it by mail or fax to the Organizer.

2. Please make the participation fees payable in full or 50% as deposit by telegraphic transfer or in person to the Organizer within 7 days after application. The balance of the payment shall be settled prior to December 10, 2006.

3. The allocation of booths is based on the principle of
in terms of application and payment.

4. Upon payment of all the fees, exhibitors are required to fax the note of the bank transfer to the Organizer.

5. After receiving the booth rental, the Organizer will send a copy of Exhibitor's Manual to the exhibitor one month before the opening of the event.

  Show Management Contact Method:

Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Website:

Address: Rm. 1206-08, Xin
an Mansion, No.99 Tianzhou Road, Shanghai, P. R. China

Zip Code: 200235

Fax: 0086-21-54451218

Contact person: Mr Han Yong

Contact person: E-mail:  Tel: 86-021-54451971 Fax: 86-021-54451971

Learn more about this event at

March 2-4, 2007 Shanghai , China


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