Fashion Brands and Celebrity Sightings Last Night
Fashion Article Posted March 29, 2007

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If any of you fashioninstas watch TV, you may have noticed some interesting brand  appearances and celeb sightings last night on primetime TV:

1)     True Love and False Idols (

a)     Blake Lewis wore the
Hell Hath No Fury
hoodie on American Idol and Chris Richardson was in
Infinite Knowledge
tee for the press pics (Fox)

b)     Rich Boy was on MTV News in the
Late Night Hype 2

c)      Dean McDermott was on Tori and Dean INN Love (VH1) in the

d)     Jaslene was on America's Next Top Model (The CW) in the
Purple Reign

2)     Kasil Jeans (

a)     The first challenge segment on America's Next Top Model (The CW) was shot at the Kasil headquarters. Jeans were used in the challenge and afterwards all the girls rocked their new Kasil Jeans (including the hot Jet skinnys) and Scoodies were everywhere.

b)     Stacy Keibler was shot wearing a Kasil scoodie..she is also a huge fan of the jeans.

c)      Shot a segment for CNN on Men's denim trends.

3)     Local Celebrity (

a)     Jennifer from The Real World (MTV) wore a Local Celebrity logo tee (the same one Adrian Brody and Carlos Mencia were recently shot in)

b)     Stacy Keibler was shot wearing the organic
Respect Your Mother
charity t-shirt.

4)     Fidelity Denim (

The Dream
Trouser was used on Diana on America's Next Top Model (The CW)

b)     Kristin Cavallari was shot by paps wearing the white
skinnys (

c)      Stacy Keibler picked up a pair of
The Dream
trousers for herself.

d)     Shot a segment for CNN on Women's denim trends.

And don't forget to check out the
swimsuit by Le Doux Swimwear (www.ledouxwimwear) in the brand spanking new Ne-yo video
Because of You.


If you know of fashionable brand or celeb sightings, keep Apparel Search informed...  Always, keeping our eyes open for fashion ...


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