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Fashion Article Posted May 4, 2007

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Peclers Paris is offering an exclusive Futur(s) 7 workshop, hosted by Francoise Serralta, Strategic Research and Planning Director of Peclers Paris.

Futur(s) 7 offers a cross analysis of emerging socio-cultural trends and consumer attitudes translated into tangible creative options for the design and positioning of tomorrow's products.  Our workshop is designed to help your company harness trends and understand consumer needs in order to create products more in sync with today's market. Peclers will help you deepen your understanding of these trends that drive consumers.

Francoise Serralta:
Francoise Serralta, Strategic Research and Planning Director of Peclers Paris, leads the study of lifestyle evolution and consumer trends, and their strategic orientations.  She is co-responsible for the conceptualization and direction of the company's 16 forecasting publications and spearheads the development of the transversal forecasting publication, Futur(s).   

Her expertise is seminal in assisting industry leaders in their research and development in materials, colors, cosmetics, textiles, automotive design, industrial design, lifestyle marketing and entertainment.   

Futur(s): The Futur(s) series of publications analyzes the evolution of major socio-cultural trends and consumer attitudes.  It presents an exclusive and creative approach to defining the look of tomorrow's consumer goods.  

Considered the most visionary product offered by Peclers Paris, the series provides information and inspiration for creative brainstorming and marketing needs for clients worldwide in the beauty, automotive, home and environment, fashion, high-tech and consumer products industries.  It is seen by clients as an indispensable tool for developing product innovations and brand strategy. Peclers also offers clients the conceptualization and creation of audiovisuals, seminars, workshops and brainstorming sessions around the Futur(s) publications.   


-an introduction of Peclers Paris and their methodology

- Futur(s) 7 Trend Download:  Francoise Serralta's interactive presentation of the main themes from this year's Futur(s) book, including information to help decode consumer attitudes and directions.

- Trend Application Collaboration:  Francoise Serralta engages with your team in a targeted brainstorming session relating to the Futur(s) 7 trends and how they can be used.  Emerging trends as well as established, global socio-cultural values are taken into account to create prospective solutions.  Discussion focused on ways to bring products and marketing in line with the trends of today and tomorrow.   

- Questions, Answers and Summary:  A forum for final questions raised during the brainstorming session. Comprehensive summary of all tangible solutions proposed.   

Pricing and Timeline:
$10,000 includes:
-half day workshop with Francoise Serralta as outlined above (
Workshop $3600)
-purchase of the Futur(s) 7 book (book $6400)  

This workshop is available for the West Coast the week of June 25th

Please contact Sarah Brady @ ssbrady75@earthlink.net  for availability

Peclers Paris is the leading international trend forecasting agency, specializing in consulting, forecasting and product development.  The agency has over 35 years of experience and produces 16 publications to stimulate and orient clients throughout the development process.  Creative intuition is combined with keen observation and market information to ensure that the clients deliver the right product at the right time.  Peclers Paris has a strong team of 50 people in their Paris office in addtition to an international network of 21 agents in 27 countries servicing over 2000 clients worldwide.  Clients include Coca Cola, DaimlerChrysler, Galeries Lafayette, GE Plastics, Lancome, L'Oreal, Mattel, 3M, Mitsubishi, Onward Kashiyama, Packard Bell, Pinault-printemps-redoute and Renault.  Today Peclers is part of the Fitch Group, an international network of global design studios affiliated with WPP, one of the largest marketing and advertising companies in the world.   

Submitted by Debra Stevenson, West Coast Bureau Chief for Apparel Search. Debra tracks and comments on West Coast fashion, art and culture for Apparel Search and authors Trend Agitator, an insider's guide to lifestyle trends and market strategy. Got an insider tip or want to know how global trends can impact your business? Email us.

This workshop is available for the West Coast the week of June 25th

* decode the future with Peclers Paris
* an analysis of changing consumer attitudes and their impact on Future products.

Peclers Paris is offering an exclusive Futur(s) 7 workshop, hosted by Francoise Serralta, Strategic Research and Planning Director of Peclers Paris.

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