Black and White: Some Looks and Styles.
Fashion Article Posted October 15, 2007

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By: Joel Kay

Aubergine and Purple are colors that may be in style and there has been some use of these colors on the high street recently and maybe into the future. There was also the yellows, the natural yellows and there may have been a specific palette range from aubergine to yellow. However sometimes you may see some pinks and reds which may not in in style per se. These colors/styles wouldnt really have a garish look. It is the fabric and not just the color that is important sometimes but when you see such colors like pinks and reds..and then back to some might think..that with all these colors..maybe Black is really the color that is always in style.

The fabric is always important of course and the fabric, besides the style and design, can give the suitable look that the wearer aspires to. A suitable fabric may give the softness or sharpness that is wanted but then color is important of course too. There is always something sharp but elegant but perhaps soft too about black. Black is a style'. There is a whole style range associated with Black, and there is also the 'Black and White Look, 'the Black and White' style. There was a look mentioned in some reports i.e. a College Look and a certain 'black' style, maybe 'Black and White' style is suitable for this Look.

There is a certain elegance about the color range from aubergine/ purple to some forms of yellow. There is also the blue/grey hues and also that blue denim color which is an unsaid color possibly when developing styles and designs. And there is Black. Black is not just a conservative color; Compared to aubergine and purples, it may be safe and conservative. There is a College Look mentioned and this College Look is like the Sailor/nautical Look as there is a whole range of accessories associated with it e.g. a satchel. However for a look like the College Look and perhaps other Looks in the future you always have to consider Black..and Black and White.

Both Black and White, you could say, have no color but they are colors still and they are either end of the color spectrum. Thus there is obvious contrast here but maybe it is contrast in a strange way. Yes there is contrast and when you have a black top and white skirt/trousers, then there is true contrast but is contrast or 'opposite what you think of. There is also blending so when you think of the Black and White look, there is the suitable fabric use with shades of black and white. Particularly heavy and soft fabrics like faux furs or maybe some knitted and natural textural fabrics may be able to blend black and white in a suitable way so as to produce then not just contrast between black and white but a elegant mixing of two so-called 'opposite' colors.

Yes black and white is in some way the ultimate contrast and this is not just because of the color spectrum...but because perhaps black is dark and elegant and white is pure..but then maybe you can say that black is pure too and white is elegant. Which words should you use to describe which? Suppose the wearer has a white top and black trousers, then you can ask which is the elegant part of the style. Is it the white or the black? And when the wearer has a long black hip- length top and a black and white hued skirt, which fabric is more elegant?

Then there is the College Look and it has some similaties to the Sailor Look because of the specific rules associated with them. And maybe you don't have to be in the teens and twenties to have a college look...the college look can be developed for age as well as for different weights/heights/general figures perhaps. (But then an older wearer may not want to!) But black and white are useful colors for a college look...Black hip length tops with some style and elegance can drape over the body and then match the denim jeans..The black and white contrast then can be through the use of a white skinny tie perhaps.. or a form of white tie/cravate/scarf...And a hip length black top can go unsleeved perhaps because the body is covered and dressed enough since the top is hip length. For a long black top, the neck line can be accessorized and 'dressed' itself with a white informal tie or perhaps suitable jewellery. fabric is what gives the elegance and texture, the look as well as the feel too. The 'Black and White' Look is not about sharpness: it can be developed into a look where the main garment is an elegant long knit black and white hued hip-length top. The Black and White style doesn't have to be black top/white lower or vice versa. Such contrasts can be sharp and sometimes garish.

Mention is made of hip length tops. These are drapy tops associated with the easy lifestyle associated with college. Drapy tops whether black or white or black-hued, white-hued or some mixed use of these colors, can be associated with an informal and easy style perhaps suited to a college style. It is an elegant, easy, informal type of style. This feeling of informality but elegance comes across in the overall look. Accessories are important. For this elegant and informal look, maybe the mix of masculine and feminine too is important. There is the use of ties or some accessories for the neck. Layering too is important. One can have an under shirt/blouse and perhaps it is hip length and then perhaps a bolero-length jacket and then jeans and a suitable heel or heelless shoe. Or you can have the hip length jacket and the close -fit top/blouse/sweater. If you like Black and White, you don't then have to have full contrast. The effect can be nuanced and one way of nuancing is through the fabric feel and texture. Knitted textures have a natural feel and some knitted fabrics may have nice blends of black and white hues. Of course there are also woollens and generally heavier and softer fabrics which can have black and white hues. Contrast is not just in color but in the fabric mix too. Black and white is the full contrast but there is also black/grey contrasts and black and blue/grey and also black and grey/white. These partial contrasts where the full black and white contrast is softened can be elegant. And there are the natural textures/wools as well as more drapier fabrics suitable for hip-length clothes.

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