Milliner's Idea Forever Changes Sassy Level
Fashion Article Posted October 31, 2007

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Most women will say that they don't look good in a hat. In fact, most women have never even tried on a fancy hat and felt the smoldering transformation. The sensation is much the same as the metamorphosis of a beautiful butterfly emerging from the cocoon. A brooding facial expression appears and the body pose changes instantly.  A sassy look overtakes her overall demeanor.

Wearing a millenary creation to even a common event produces a feeling of instant celebrity. Photos by strangers will be taken, questions will be asked and all men will notice. In days gone by, most women wore hats and therefore it was not as sensational as the opportunity offered today. A woman can become the instant center of attention since so few women wear a millinery creation these days.

The selected hat must reflect and flaunt the sparkling personality of the woman. The secret is in the formable brim. The ability to form and re-form the brim into even an extreme shape makes the difference. The same hat can portray a Mary Poppins look or can be formed to give the look of a goddess and every look in between.

Lady Diane of Lady Diane Hats, is the creator of this unique design. The ability to form the brim of her magnificent creations into any desired shape is a major accomplishment for the fashion world. The form of the brim reveals the personality of the hat as well reflecting the true or desired personality of the adorned.

So, if you are feeling a little down or unappreciated, select a Lady Diane Hat and stroll into any event with celebrity status.

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