Boho & Foho Chic  Fashion Article Posted September 15, 2007

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Imagine a bohemian girl in Edwardian London and she wears long swishing gowns with a high Edwardian neck collar.. and maybe a neck tie too and maybe her ankle boots. This is the bohemian look of the last century. and now the new century and Boho Chic. Boho Chic is no longer 'in' but remember its look! There were the floaty skirts, the Ugg boots so popular when Boho Chic was at its height and the gilets.

Remember the new elegance of the 1900s when the corset was disappeared and also the crinoline. There was something new and elegant. Boho chic is a kind of decadent look which belongs to the new century. It is a mishmash of fashions, boots, gilet...With the 1900s look and now the Boho look, there was a new silhouette. In Boho and now Foho chic, there is an aspiration towards a new silhouette. A silhouette which doesn't belong to high fashion but to the worlds of bohemia and festival-life. It is not concerned with waist and hips lines. it is not concerned with 'separates' as in shirt and dress.

Remember the furry gilets of boho chic! Look at the furry gilets.. they created the high waisted look and gilets were something that caught the imagination. Indeed gilets were something new! Yes they were really something new. They were a new fashion. They could be worn with a broderie anglaise top or light shirt. With the gilet, there was no longer the usual 'separates' of top and bottom, skirt and top.

In Boho chic, there were the gilets, the bold new use of embroidery, the boots and floaty skirts. Remember too that when Boho chic was popular, there was also a turn towards vintage wear which manifested itself in the use of influences from the Edwardian age. Edwardian and vintage 'chic' as well as 'uniform' and military chic were 'in'. In 2006, as Boho chic was coming to the end, there was also the revival of broderie anglaise and this latter 'look' may have led naturally into the foho look. The tunic look is still 'in' as can be seen from the popularity of smocks. And a more festival-like flouncy dress has replaced the floaty skirt.

The mini-dress is important now in foho chic. Imagine a girl going to the music festivals in the late 60s and early 70s. What would she wear. She might wear a mini! She might wear a swishy dress. This is Foho chic but it's not really rock's more a new type of hippy chic influenced by the bohemian look which preceded it. This is foho is something 'seventies', natural, and hippy but bohemian too

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