Kaftans In Fashion 2007  Fashion Article Posted September 15, 2007

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A important style feature in the first half of 2007 was the accent on the hip line and it is possible that this emphasis will continue. You see fitted blouses to hip length. Perhaps fitted garments are generally understood as having fit at the waist line but garments always have to have some kind of fit and you could say that the fit is at the empire line or chest line.

The kaftan is a garment which aims to take away the emphasis from the waist line. The kaftan in itself can be a beautiful item. Sometimes they are full length to almost the ankle but shortened to approximately hip-level, they can make a comfortable and elegant garment. Hip-length blouses can be elegant and comfortable too. These too garments may have been brought back because of the influence of anything seventies but perhaps the kaftan, at least, can be developed and re-styled. Its emphasis away from the waist line should be noted. There is the maxi dress too which was in style in 2007 and this too took emphasis away from the waist line. Both were part of the seventies influence.

On the high-street, you may see some people with waist-length jackets and some hip-length. A feature of fashions in 2007 was of course the continuing move away from the styles associated with bohemian chic and military chic. Seventies influences including maxi dresses and kaftans were part of this. And a feature of these seventies-influenced garments was use of the hip line and empire line. The kaftan to ankle and knee length may not be too popular but kaftans to a level such as hip and high thigh were popular.

You can see too many empire-line hip-length blouses and garments. Hip-length blouses with the fit at the empire line were popular in 2007. You can of course get suitable fit at the sides through elastic and stretch fabrics but the main emphasis is what was known as the empire line. The emphasis is thus away from the waist area. It is very possible that the emphasis on the hip line and empire line may last into next year or at least some emphasis. The fitted waist-line garments may not be in yet.

Still you will always get people who will feel uncomfortable also with short jackets or short fitted jackets with emphasis on the waist line. You will also get people who like the bolero and remember fondly the furry gilets of bohemian chic. These are of course out of fashion this year as fashion trends still try to emerge from the influence of bohemian chic, military chic and such looks.

In 2007, the kaftan and maxi dress showed the importance of the hip line as opposed to the waist line. There is talk too that the skirt is in fashion which means a knee-length hem with perhaps use of pleats. However there is no mention of a specific a-line or such and the hip-line is still perhaps an important line. The influence of the kaftan and its look as well as the maxi and its look may still be around.

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