Ties In Fashion 2007  Fashion Article Posted September 15, 2007

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About ties...what can you say about ties.  Ties are for men or for women who want to dress like men. Women want to have the tailored sleek look so they wear ties.

But ties are also for women who want to be women. Sleek, skinny ties look good with the secretary look. It adds to the 'separates' i.e. the shirt/skirt or the shirt/trousers. The tailored look! The sleek office girl look!

And the tie is an accessory. It ads to the look. With the boyish chic look last year and the androgynous look previously, the tie was certainly important. If you want to look like a woman looking like a man ..use the tie as an accessory! But women want to be women. They want to use the tie in their own way.

Some stylists might say that a tie isn't necessary to complete the tailored look. It is too much of an extra and they may be right. But you can use the tie as a centre piece in the 'look'. You can wear the office chic look and for this the tie is important but it may not be essential of course. Some 'looks' for office girls do not have any ties. However what about the skinny tie on the tailored shirt clinging to the body, this is an important look.

But this is the office look. What about wide ties instead of the skinny ones. When we come to the summer season, can a tie be important for the look i.e. a wide glossy, 'glam' tie which gives the 'color' to a look. For men the tie was the 'color'; it added color.

Maybe a woman is different. But for a woman, a tie seems to be above all an accessory; it is not as important as for a man, but that doesn't mean the tie doesn't have it's place in woman's fashion.

The boyish look was important in 2006, The tie was important for this.  Now as fashion moves on from the boyish chic and the military before this, ties can still be important but maybe they will be the great wide ties, which give color and glamour!

A tie can be the center piece. It can be a 'piece of color' in the center. or it can be short tie.. a piece of color around the neck i.e. a short wide piece of color. A tie is an accessory but it can be an accessory which aims to add color.

When we think of ties, it is men's ties, the ties that go with suits. It is a necessity and it must be said that the tie for women is an accessory i.e as regards fashion. But as the boyish look and the military look go, can the tie be used. Yes it will always be there for the 'sexy office girl look' which is popular and also as an accessory in high fashion. Tailored shirts will always be in fashion for women and the tie is an important extra to the look.

But maybe there is more to ties than skinny ties. What about a broad short tie which adds color? Or then we can move on from the tie. What about a 'neckerchief', a covering for the neck or a bow tie ..or the jabot shirts, we can move on, but back, we don't have to forget about ties.  Remember ties were the 'color' for men's suits.  Maybe they can be the same for women.

This article was written by Joel for publication on Apparel Search.  If you have interest in contacting Joel, you can do so at joelk2007@hotmail.com

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