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Fashion Article Posted November 17, 2008  

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Immediately after its formation in May 2007, in the 70-centuries-old Antique Plovdiv /bulgaria/, the European NGO for fashion and fashion design prepared and legalized 2 of the most important document for its upcoming launch. The accepted European Fashion Ethical Code is an example of tolerance in wide cultural diversity and the Program "Fashion Europe" is a response to the directives of intercultural dialogue and the Lisbon Strategy, while following the objectives and policies in EU and Europe as a whole.

A European competition for young designers which is equal to the Eurovision Song Contest, summer schools for fashion design, design activities, schools, exhibitions, rotational European Fashion Week, European Fashion Awards related to design and other arts of music, film, theater, dance and sport, charity initiatives and many others are only a small part of the planned 110 activities for comprehensive fashion and fashion design. They are a wide application of national artistic values of all European countries, creativity, pragmatic, history and traditions fashion in response to new creative dimensions of time and global society. With these activities the European Fashion Council marks the beginning of a historic moment for building a United and powerful fashion Europe, which in the example of England

could find common values with everybody ... Our commitment to fairness, fair play and civic duty."
/ quote, Mr.Gordon Brown/.

Full founders of the organization are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Romania, and Hungary. Associated founders are: Albania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Ukraine and Norway has full status. The newest partner is associated Iceland and the first promotion member for fashion and design- the Dutch representative The construction of a full staff with national representative body of all fashion 41 members or not in the EU is bidding to maxim "every prince needs allies, and the bigger the responsibility, the more allies he needs" and " State aid was regarded as on a par with mortal sin. Now it is a categorical imperative" /quote, Mr.Silvio Berlusconi/.

New harmonized according to European legislation decisions have been added to the current listing in the structures of the European Commission and the Department of Culture calendar. With their innovative value and worth organization called the European fashion institution in which "My /editor note- our/ dedication is dedication." /quote, Mr.Jos
Luis Rodr
guez Zapatero
/. We sincerely believe that this is the relationship with our organization as well.

By following the structure of building and development identical to that of the Community and Europe, this composition of 12 nations, unreservedly President determined to be prosperous European country in economic, way, with rich traditions in the historical development of fashion and fashion design and where fashion and fashion design is a national and international priority. In alphabetical order such a potential has France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden!  

Because of the rapidly growing importance of fashion and design as cultural, economic, political and international factors the privilege to nominate any national representation and determine managerial interests are those who manage and build integrated and powerful Europe. The right direction in order of thinking is the call of Chancellor Angela Merkel "... if you enjoy putting ideas into practice, then the post of chancellor has to be the one presenting the biggest opportunity of all

Mandatories of the Higher calls for Presidency of the European design community is this memorandum President- Ms.Nadya Valeva and President of The National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria and Mrs.Gabriella Walek- the Vice President on Foreign Affairs to EFC and President of The National Fashion League Hungary through diplomatic missions in Sofia, Budapest and Brussels. On the basis of the interest shown a decision will be made on the scheduled for 21.12.2008 Common Assembly. The overall implementation is supported by the presence of Mr.Ivo Atanasov, Chairman of Media Committee of the Bulgarian Parliament and member of the Advisory Council of the European Fashion Council. Media coverage is provided by Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, as a speaker and in response to the Dutch supreme thought of Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende:
... experience has taught us how fundamental our values are and how great the mission they represent...

As an answer of the established 140 years ago first world association of fashion designers with its modern continuity, today European Fashion Council gives its first small contribution to the dialogue for United and strong Europe. One of the clearest historical evidence is Swedish line: It can sometimes be good to humbly remind of the fact that a great deal of what constitutes Sweden has been created in [a process of] evolution, exactly because we have been open to accept other people and experiences. / quote, Frederik Reinfeldt/.

The invitation of a senior honorary patronage of the European design community priors Presidents choice. Our support for the promotion and development of culture, art, charity and entrepreneurship will be given and as the French genius stands / behind the science, art, fashion, luxury, we have all the trump to develop the superiority of those sectors where our culture is a national genius and makes wonders. /quote, Mr.Nicolas Sarkozy/.

For more information and contacts:


tel. 00359 88 535 30 65, 00359 32 62 09 29,

fax: 00359 32 63 22 71.


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