Eco Bungalow Launches Eco Couture Agency in Los Angeles
Fashion Article Posted November 18, 2008  

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The Eco Bungalow opened its doors this month as the first and only destination for International eco luxe design and responsible couture in Los Angeles. Here, longtime film and television stylist Michele Llanos showcases cutting edge, sustainable apparel brands from Europe like NOIR and BLLACK NOIR never before seen on the West Coast.

Located in the epicenter of the world's most media fueled city, The Eco Bungalow serves the film, television and retail communities as a resource for conscious tastemakers who influence the landscape of advertising and marketing today. The Hollywood atelier is an inviting, environmentally friendly playground for anyone working in image making and leads the green movement by recycling, operating an electric vehicle and supporting fair trade vendors.

The Eco Bungalow believes that cutting-edge luxury and the planet's longevity aren't mutually exclusive. Its purpose is to promote awareness amongst modern, globally conscious consumers that what they wear contributes tangibly to self-sustaining micro economies and truly does impact the planet.  By choosing which brands they buy, West Coast tastemakers and influencers reduce our industry's carbon footprint one beautiful garment at a time, says Llanos.

About The Eco Bungalow- By providing a home for the best, brightest and greenest international designers, The Eco Bungalow fulfills its mission to galvanize eco fashion within the film and television industry and ultimately influence pop culture and style around the world. To learn more, visit or browse the company's media kit at

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