Mont Charles de Monaco Luxury Handbag Collection
Fashion Article Posted November 18, 2008  

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Mont Charles de Monaco, one of the first high fashion labels to originate from the prosperous Principality, has revealed its signature collection of sensual handbags, as part of a coordinated plan to revive Monaco's glamorous identity.


Monaco Represents Glamour, Luxury and Exclusivity

"Monaco has always been synonymous with style and sophistication" explains Founder & CEO John Mclean, in a reference to the luxurious Mediterranean nation made famous by Princess Grace and the Monaco Grand Prix. "But we need to remind the world of this, and add a modern twist".

Unlike its equally stylish neighbours France and Italy, the Principality of Monaco has never had a global high fashion brand. Despite this, the world absolutely associates Monaco with glamour, luxury and exclusivity. "Monaco deserves a high fashion label which reflects its ultra-glamorous identity" added Mclean.

Sensuous Limited Edition Handbag Collection

Glamorous shapes are inspired by the curves of today's woman, evoking the sensuality of the neckline, d collet and hips. Exquisite materials include precious exotic skins in this season's fashion colors, and classic favourites. Designs appeal to the most feminine of women - elegant, desirable, and self-confident. Women who understand that such an investment is timeless, and will never go out of fashion.

All handbags are numbered limited editions and handcrafted in a 100 year old atelier.

Prices start at 980 euro for the Lady Eve clutch, 2880 euro for oversized Lady BoMo, 3880 euro for the signature classic First Lady, up to 34800 euro for the larger Lady Affair in crocodile.

Exclusive Client Protection

Due to the high value and limited quantities, clients are protected from counterfeit copies by purchases being allowed only from the company's Monaco headquarters, or, from their own online boutique at  

Christmas Gift Heaven

An exclusive boxed Mont Charles de Monaco gift is offered free with all purchases of handbags or gift vouchers, which are available online starting at 100 euro up to the full value of any handbag.

Discover Christmas Gift Heaven at


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