AleXandro Palombo Lingerie Revolution
Fashion News Article Posted September 25, 2008 

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Thanks to genius of the Italian designer aleXsandro Palombo, designer lingerie  is now available for customers seeking originality and exclusivity. The unique precious items are conceived in workshops using the same processes as for haute couture, with weeks of craftsmanship being dedicated to each model,  like a piece of  high-end clothing.

They are at the same time luxury intimate cult items and objects of desire which can be worn in public. Creative flair, the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and cultural innovation: these are the foundations of the new atelier-lingerie by the Italian designer aleXsandro Palombo defined by many the new Manolo Blahnick of stockings . With years of experience in the world of fashion Palombo is a valued interpreter of luxury knitwear and his creations are considered original and exclusive expressions of style. Throughout the years unique items have been made on demand for princesses, artists and international celebrities, the American rock star Sheryl Crow amongst others.

Through Palombo's talent one collection per year will be presented  comprising special creations made in precious materials with haute couture  craftsmanship.

This new concept defies the seasonal classification, allowing the most exclusive international buyers  and few privileged eminent personalities to view and order the items at any time of the year  with the possibility of customizing them,  thus increasing their uniqueness and exclusivity.

aleXsandro Palombo declared The aim was to create the first atelier-lingerie the world's first haute couture collection in the field of lingerie, which will complement the already existing line of couture stockings aleXsandro Palombo by CERVIN Paris . The new label is targeted to those high-end markets and clients  looking for the luxury of stylistic originality and aesthetic taste.

Among his followers Palombo boasts international buyers such as the sheik Majed Al Sabah of Villa Moda in Kuwait  as well as select department stores including Beams in Tokyo, but above all major importance will be given to the Russian market.

The unconventional creator of elegance

aleXsandro Palombo, the multicultural creative designer with an outstanding sense of color, was born in Salento, in southern Italy in 1973.  In 1991 he moved to Milan where he studied at the Marangoni fashion school and subsequently worked as a freelance creator as well as illustrator consultant for the most prominent fashion houses in Milan, Paris and Hong Kong.

In 1998 aleXsandro Palombo launched his fashion label. His approach to style is unique in its genre: his visions and creations bring together fashion and art, with shapes, colors and materials interweaving to portray dreams and social transformations.

Palombo's creations are a balanced blend of mysticism, provocation and sensuality, and his initiatives have an image which consistently provokes thoughts and debate.  These elements go hand in hand with extremely sophisticated collections, combining the traditional craftsmanship of southern Italy with a profound artistic research and a contemporary and international creativity.

Palombo's creative intuition is fascinating, entertaining, perturbing and exhilarating in the way it makes the invisible visible. Over the last decade his thoughts and ideas have influenced the world of fashion and communication. To his credit  feature numerous trends: his memorable collections dedicated to the new contemporary icons such as Padre Pio and Mother Teresa; the Kefiah which he gave a status to and reinvented, making it a fashionable and notable item; the Knitwear new look; the fusion of styles and philosophies bringing together East and West, Islam and Christianity.

LArsoie, a prestigious French company founded in 1920, has linked its historical brand CERVIN Paris to the Italian designer with the creation a collection of haute couture tights,  'aleXsandro Palombo by CERVIN Paris.

 aleXsandro Palombo is a provocatory artist, the creator of elegance, an illustrator of dreams  and a visionary, as well as having a great surrealist wit.

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AleXandro Palombo

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