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Fashion Article Posted April 15, 2009

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all new aw1011 trend insight from mudpie (gbr)

Valued customer feedback has ensured the continuing success of Mudpie's leading range of trendbooks season after season. And the new range of SIX autumn/winter 2010/2011 books, released this week to the worldwide market, are no exception.

This season, the Mudpie trendbooks have been given a fresh new look, are more diverse and appealing to a wider range of markets but still maintain their undeniable, unique Mudpie handwriting.

Joining the newest book in the Mudpie range; AW1011 Print and Pattern trends, released in February this year; Mudpie's renowned series of garment graphic and color trendbooks are available from Monday April 6.

Mudpie books provide cost effective design solutions for all areas of the youth market from baby, kids, tweens & junior, through to young male and young female fashion.

The Mudpie range includes: Cutiepie; baby trends, Minipie; kids trends, Mudpie; tween and junior trends, MPK female; female trends and MPK male; male trends; each book providing the user with every opportunity to create, or add to, their own unique garment ranges.

The main points of interest that have been implemented for the AW1011 range of trendbooks are:

 Setting Mudpie apart from many of their competitors, they have improved greatly upon theway our garment shapes can be edited. For example, elements such as armholes are now consistent across each book so sleeve styles can be easily interchanged between garments.

 To give the garments a more sophisticated and realistic feel, they have adopted a tonal approach to the shading and coloring.

 More effects such as decorative knits, metallic leathers and fur have been added to enhance the trend direction and fabric suggestions for the ranges.

 With the new Key Look illustration pages, Mudpie aim to show the customer the importance of merchandising to ensure those essential add; on sales and to complete a look suitable for the target age. Picking out the essential silhouettes and accessories for each trend communicates the look in a comprehensive and visually appealing snapshot page.

Noticeably this season, Mudpie have also taken a new approach to the trends and their
interpretation. Forecasting just three umbrella or main trends instead of the usual four, then dividing each trend into three sub trends, Mudpie are aiming to provide a more comprehensive interpretation for their wide customer base.  Each trend comprises of a Fashion and Tailoring (a directional, forward thinking range), Leisure (a range with a sporty or active feel) and 'seasonal and Casual (for highly commercial ranges with an emphasis on seasonal garments) sub trend.

Mudpie's CEO, Fiona Jenvey commented, We're confident that these three interpretations across all the main trends will cater for customers across the industry, in different market levels and will also give a wider breadth of trend interpretation. The umbrella trends are described briefly as: Escapism An urge to escape to a fantasy world of extravagance and eccentricity is expressed through an unapologetic return to decadence. An antique element is inspired by the 1920s; a time of frivolity and romanticism. The spectacle of a vintage circus and the passion of dramatic dance bring a touch of costume to the trend. Film and performance idealise the tragic heroine, while art explores a world of alternative realities.

Origin Times of uncertainty often force us to consider our roots. Rich in tradition, ritual and cultural identity, Central and South American countries draw strength from preserving a traditional way of life. Spiritual beliefs, ancient lore and customs are deeply ingrained in the foundation of such societies. As economies across the continent grow and stabilise, contemporary culture booms on the international scene and is undeniably influenced by the practises of old. Cleanse Technology and simplicity combine in response to a compelling need for a fuss free, efficient way of life. The extreme formations of deconstructivist architecture and the visionary designs of retro futurism join for a juxtaposition of linear compositions and fluid lines. Softening the trend, the harmony of light reflects a sensual approach to eco issues and organic influences which are integral for a peaceful morality.

For further research and fashion interpretation of these trends, Mudpie's popular online trend forecasting website delivers the answer. Fiona Jenvey, CEO of Mudpie, will also be presenting a series of trend seminars across the world in the coming 6 months. If you would like to attend these seminars in order to better understand the trend forecasting process and the Mudpie AW1011 trends, check back regularly to for the latest schedule of events.

For further information, or to purchase a Mudpie trendbook, please visit or contact the Mudpie agent in your area. A comprehensive list of agents is available on the website.


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