University of Delaware Fiber Online Journal July 2009 Focus on India Fashion and Textiles
Fashion Article Posted July 22, 2009

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India is the world's largest democracy. Throughout its 28 states and 7 union territories, dozens of national and regional parties vie for seats in local, state, and national governing bodies.

As mentioned by Dr. Patrick T. Harker the President of the University of Delaware, "India's economic growth has averaged 7 percent over the last dozen years. In fact, its growth in 2008 a bleak year worldwide was 7.3 percent. Certainly, the recession has affected India, as it has every country, but with a young, well-educated, English-speaking workforce (three times the size of the United States), a quickly emerging middle class, and a savvy entrepreneurial spirit, this nation the world's largest democracy is positioned to weather the downturn and continue its steady development. Of course, India and the U.S. have long shared a strong trade relationship, and nowhere is that strength better illustrated than in the apparel industry. India is the world's second-largest garment manufacturer, and the U.S. is its largest export market. However, with new investment potential and retailing structures in thecountry, the opportunities to do business not merely with India but in India are growing every day."

With over 1 billion people occupying an area about one-third the size of the United States, India is a complex patchwork of ethnicities, religions, and languages. In a country with 15 official languages, English serves as the most important language for political and commercial communication.

India's economy is equally diverse, encompassing everything from traditional village farming to computer software development and service. Modern agriculture, handicrafts, and a wide range of modern industries including textiles, chemicals, food processing, mining, steel, petroleum, and machinery also play roles in India's growing economy.

In addition to speaking English, India's workforce is relatively young, well-educated, and technically savvy. India ranks third in the world in cell phone use and fifth in terms of Internet users, with more than 80 million Indians connected to the rest of the globe via the Internet.  Learn more.

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