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Fashion Shopping Article Posted June 16, 2012

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Look Book Live

Apparel Search would like to introduce you to the way of the future.  Well, the "future" but it is here NOW.

I'm sure you have seen those adverts of the girl going into her favourite store and turning on a screen with videos of a model wearing different clothes and she just swipes from style to style and the model moves for her and she picks the style she better likes in the size she likes, the color she likes...all from the videos...it's like diving into the future, right?!
Well, that exists now! and all of us can have it in our mobiles just downloading the app of our favourite designer:)
In Look Book Alive they have developed this super innovative way to shop, an alive look book, where we don't even need to go into the store, we can do it from home, from the beach, from the street, we carry the tool with us! not bad huh?

Look Book Alive is an application available for any mobile device in the world (iPad, iPhone, Android, tablets, etc) where instead of offering the traditional photo catalogue that many designers have already developed, they provide vertical full HD videos which will allow the customer to appreciate with an incredible image quality (cinema quality) every detail of the garment, the fabric, the way it suits the body, those characteristics that are not shown in a picture but are important for the customer to appreciate, etc.

LBA is a tool meant to enrich the access to the customers needs and achieve an easier and faster link with them with the inevitable consequence of an increase in the sales opportunities.

The company behind Look Book Alive believes customers will appreciate the possibility of having direct access in their phones to all their favourite designer styles seeing them in movement and getting a real feeling of the clothes not just a mere picture. Through LBA they will even be able to choose see the style in the color/size they need so the experience will be even closer to reality for them. They will of course be able to buy online through the application thanks to the possibility of linking the app with your online payment system, so this will make the already good experience of shopping your collection online, an extremely different one far from the traditional photo look books that everyone has already.

Different, dynamic, interactive.

Look Book Alive is extremely competitive and for the same budget you will invest in developing a photo look book you will have the HD photo look book, the HD Videos and the app running and available in every mobile device in the world.

They can do the shooting in their studios in Barcelona, in another studio of choice or in exteriors (beach, mountain, etc.)

Please check a couple of videos from their website, non of them last more than 2-3 minutes, and will provide you a good idea of the quality of the videos and the potential this concept has. igorartetxe.com/lookbookalive/?p=42

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