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Baby Naturopathics Inc : They have their own line of 100% certified organic cotton embroidered infant clothes.  Clothing is wholly made under the watchful eye of SKAL International, an internationally recognized body based in the Netherlands that inspects organic production methods.  They did this so that the entire garment is SKAL certified, and not just the cotton fabric.  Not all natural clothing is created equal.   Be careful of cotton that is described as "undyed", "untreated", "natural" or "green" cotton. These labels are sometimes used to market conventional cotton. To ensure that you are buying an organic cotton product, look for "certified organic" cotton.  Certified organic cotton has been inspected by a well-recognized third-party certifier such as Demeter International, Agreco, Skal International, and the Soil Association.  In addition, look for "100% organic cotton". "Organic cotton" or "made with organic cotton" is not necessarily the same as "100% organic cotton".   For example, an outfit that is made with SKAL certified organic cotton from one country, and then further processed in another country can no longer be considered SKAL certified as SKAL inspects the whole production process.  Thus, you should choose a garment that is SKAL certified, rather than a garment simply made of SKAL certified organic cotton. This is an important distinction as the integrity of organic cotton fabric can be weakened by adding embellishments that have not undergone SKAL inspection. Examples of such alterations include nickel fastenings which may cause skin irritation, and iron-on transfers and that may contain ingredients like phthalates.   For their baby clothing and accessories, they have chosen organic dyes, which are kinder to your health and that of the environment than conventional AZO dyes. AZO dyes contain toxic chemicals such as chlorine bleach and heavy metals. They also do not biodegrade easily and some dyes are cancer causing.  Their clothing and accessories are made in India. They indicated that they personally inspected the production facilities, so they can attest to the fact that their apparel is sweatshop free (SKAL also sets out criteria for working conditions).

Butterfly Maidens
 : unbleached and naturally dyed organic clothing for women and children.  Organic fashion is not just a passing trend, it is helping to save our environment.  Butterfly Maidens makes is easy to go organic by infusing comfort, style, and inspirational artwork into their collection of earth friendly apparel.  Now you can be part of the solution for a healthier planet simply by shopping for beautiful new clothes...

Cotton Field : Many hands work to make Cottonfield products. Since they are committed to using only top quality factories that treat and compensate their workers fairly, they indicate that they never use sweatshop labor.  They work with a small number of farms, weavers and dye-houses that are chosen for the environmental sustainability. They choose their employees for their commitment to producing good work and they do their best to create an environment of compassion, optimism and humor in what is known to be a stressful industry. They value quality before growth, people before profit, and they are happy to take part in a company that is green, not only in its products, but in its point of view.  They supply clothiong for women & men's dress, casual and retreat styles.  The cotton is grown by small farms in Texas, Northern California and North Carolina and then is woven or knit into fabric by textile mills in North and South Carolina. A sketch and idea is born in our Boston studio and the fabric is chosen and purchased from one of the mills. A sample is then made by a local seamstress in MA. Once all the details and settled and buttons are chosen or length changed, a local marker man grades the pattern for mass production. If the fabric needs to be dyed, its sent to a local dye house in NH which specializes in direct dye without using heavy metals. The fabric is then shipped to a local MA factory for cutting, this is where they cut all the fabric pieces for the finished garment. The pieces are then sent to a woman owned factory in MA where they are sewn into finished garments. The clothes are checked for quality control at Cottonfield and then wrapped and sent off to you !

Faerie's Dance : at they are committed to providing a complete environmentally conscious shopping experience for their customers. Their clothing is made of environmentally sensitive fabrics and dyes from manufacturers who make most of their products here in the US, while taking care to ensure that overseas workers are treated fairly and provided living wages. They have indicated that no children are employed by any of their manufacturers here or overseas.  Their office ethics reflect the same commitment. They use 100% post-consumer recycled paper to print their invoices, and print double-sided for all their in-house paper uses.  They reuse boxes and packing materials that are shipped to them.  They believe that the more they can introduce and expand environmentally conscious clothing into the marketplace, the better off we will all be. So they are sacrificing a little per-item profit in the hopes of making their line accessible to a wider audience. Finally, they have an extensive charity program, donating 1% of their gross income to charities that protect our natural world.  They provide women's fashions in organic cotton, hemp, tencel and soy.

Go Natural Baby :  Go Natural Baby designs and manufactures organic cotton baby and children's clothing. Using certified organic cotton, low impact dyes, and fair trade. Their clothing is excellent quality and they provide great customer service. They have an online store and offer wholesale accounts.  Address: 7410 SW Oleson Rd #186 Portland, OR 97223 USA e-mail:  Contact: Justyn LeDrew

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Jim Morris : Since 1995, they have printed tan organic t-shirts. Now they are happy to offer organic cotton shirts in colors. All their adult short sleeve uni-sex t-shirts are now organic. Organic cotton is cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides. Pesticides kill millions of birds, fish, and other wildlife. They also harm farmworkers and neighbors of the fields. Pesticides blow around and harm people and wildlife thousands of miles away.  According to them, conventional cotton uses approx 25 % of the world's chemical pesticides!  They hope you'll support their conversion to organic.  As awareness of the value of organic cotton spreads and as availability increases, they look forward to being able to offer womens, youth, long sleeves, and sweatshirts in organic.  Also, their natural totebags are organic cotton canvas and made in Colorado.

Kasper Organics :  When Aleta first learned about organic cotton clothing, she knew she wanted to make it a part of her life. She always thought cotton (conventional) was a good, natural product.  It never occurred to her that the cotton clothing she was complacently buying was loaded with toxic chemicals.  Not just the pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers used to grow the cotton, but the chemicals used to process, bleach and dye the cotton as well.   She thought to herself, "If I was buying organically grown food for my family, why was I buying toxic clothing?  What we wear may not seem as important as what we eat, but our skin is not a solid barrier protecting us from everything we come into contact with. Our skin lives and breathes and can also absorb toxins".  Aleta now sells organic cotton clothing, hemp clothing and accessories.

Live Life Organics : organic clothing with positive messages, tagless/ hangtags grow wildflowers, water-based inks.

Lotus Organics : was founded by Shellie & Michael Lackman and their daughter Andrea.  The Lackmans have been involved in meditation, yoga, exercise and a pure and simple lifestyle for more than 30 years.  After experiencing the difficulties in finding clothing and bed & bath products that were free from pesticides, herbicides and harmful, irritating chemicals, they decided that the time had come to search for and collect the finest organic and all-natural products under one web roof and offer them to their friends worldwide.  This is how was born.  In addition to offering only organic, all-natural products, they also demanded that all products that they offer to their friends and customers be refined, stylish, uplifting and supportive of our earth and the welfare of the peoples that produce them.  They have indicated that they do careful and diligent research and offer only products that were produced at fair wages and using processes that are life-support for the workers and the environment.  They aim to be your personal shopping assistant to help you find the finest organic and all-natural products that are stylish, refined and suit your lifestyle and your needs for organic clothing for yoga, exercise, work, school, and casual events.

Off Your Back Shirts :  They provide organic, sweatshop free, and fair trade t-shirts and other apparel.  Increasingly, people have come to care about both what products they're buying and how those products are made.  The story behind the product.  People no longer only want a nice shirt, they want to know that the shirt was made in a fair manner. The people at Off Your Back Shirts have indicated that they watch to make sure that product is produced in an environmentally fair manner and from factories following fair labor practices.

The Oko Box : The ko Box is a small company with big ideas. They believe that through simple everyday choices they can empower themselves, others, and the planet.  Their choices of clothes to wear and products to use all have an effect on the earth and each other.  Each small step in choosing a healthy lifestyle helps lead the way to a pure, clean, and happy future. The ko Box strives to provide only the healthiest clothes and accessories available, so together we can lighten the chemical load on the earth, and, importantly, on our own bodies. They carefully select the most hip, funky, fun and flattering styles available to meet your need to feel and look good in what you're wearing.   Because they are aware of many health and allergy concerns, they provide clothing and accessories made of only high quality organic, sustainable and natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, wool, silk, and soy. Their hope is to take the first small steps in the journey towards a healthy future for everyone.

Onno Textiles : organic cotton, bamboo and hemp t-shirts.  Since 1992 they have been manufacturing cotton-based products for some of America's largest companies, such as Nike, Pepsi and Speedo. At the time, they didn't realize how damaging cotton is to the environment. The more they learned about the problems with conventional cotton, the more uncomfortable  they became.  Growing conventional cotton causes harm to people, wildlife and the environment.  You probably know this or you wouldn't be looking for organic clothing suppliers.  Onno Textiles has moved away from conventional cotton, to organic t-shirts in order to feel energized and passionate about their products.  Although organic cotton costs more, ONNO buys the most expensive raw materials they can get our hands. And, they have a unique method of making shirts the result will have you murmuring, repeatedly, oh yes. is created on Mac G5's and core duo's, completely off the grid -- powered by solar panels & a wind generator -- on an idyllic little island in the Strait of Georgia. It has been their life-long dream to live cleanly and lightly on this fragile planet of ours. Now that they have been living the simple life for a while, they can truly say that it's even more wonderful than they thought it would be. Living amidst all the miraculous splendor that is Nature in all her varied moods & creations can't help but inspire one to live simply. Long live solar showers, electric scooters, pristine lakes, fun in the sun, and year-round gardening! has become one of the first and only shops on earth with clothing made from certified organic European hemp fiber (in addition to organic cotton & linen).  Ecolution, their partner in vision for a better world, has kindly set aside 60 acres of their regular hemp fields for organic certification expressly for the purpose of making hemp clothing, footwear, accessories, & home products.   Rawganique was founded by Thammarath Jamikorn & Klaus Wallner in 2000. Hemp Products calls Denman Island, British Columbia.

Renu Yoga : Retail Website. Organic and Natural yoga apparel made in the U.S.A. Beautiful yoga tops, bottoms, jackets, maternity, and casual styles. From Bamboo to Organic Cotton, Renu carries it all.   Address 850 S. Broadway, #801-B, Los Angeles, CA 90014 Phone 213-622-6655 Fax -213-622-6656 E-mail: Contact: Art Rahbar

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Skal International : is the inspection body for the organic production in the Netherlands. We can offer you the most important information about inspection and certification of organic production in the Netherlands. The scope of our activities: - agricultural production - processing of agricultural products - import of products from outside the EU - trade and storage companies (shops excepted)

Spun is a new brand of eco-friendly women's clothing. the companies products are made from 100% organic cotton, which is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), dyed using an environmentally friendly low-impact fiber reactive dye process, and made sweat-shop free in the United States.

Starting Green : They manufacture 100% organic cotton baby clothing for baby's first year, in Los Angeles.  They sell through their on-line stone and to organic retail stores.  Their clothes represent the future in quality-made essentials prepared with loving hands. Their relationships with pattern makers, seamstresses, organic cotton textile manufacturers, grading, washing and cutting are just a small number of people who take pride in representing fashion that is built on an environmental standard.  Address: 1601 N.Sepulveda No.122 Manhattan Beach Ca 90266 213 494-754 Fax 310 374-1752

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Under The Canopy : Under the Canopy was born in 1996 with a mission to make a positive impact on the future of the planet, creating a product line that utilizes the Earth's resources in an ecofriendly, sustainable manner. Their line of EcoFashion, a term they claim to have coined, offers only the most sophisticated, luxurious, high quality, comfortable and fashionable styles. Their products are made from innovative organic fibers and fiber blends such as organic denim, organic cotton angora and soy.  Their newly launched, cutting-edge Organic Tee collection, "108", offers 18 soulful taglines on 6 nature-inspired colors.  The way they see it, we all live under the canopy of our planet's ecosystem. Pollutants and harsh chemicals that need not go into the production of clothing erode this fragile canopy every day. Through designing a line of clothing made from environmentally friendly fibers that were sown and grown without the use of these chemicals, they offer consumers a chance to eliminate large quantities of pesticides from their bodies, their homes, the Earth, and their children's futures. Offering the finest quality EcoFashion for women, men and children, as well as organic bed and bath ware, giftware, footwear and accessories, UTC is at the forefront of the thriving organic products industry. They stand as an ecological wellspring in the fashion world, demonstrating to consumers that they need not sacrifice their social and environmental beliefs to maintain a modern, high quality, and stylish wardrobe.  They provide a wide range of casual styles of eco friendly clothing for men, women & babies.

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The Apparel Search Company does NOT guarantee that the companies listed in this section follow all of the exact requirements to label their garments as "organic" clothing. In fact we do not know if they truly live responsibly at all.   However, we are listing them here because they have indicated in their company descriptions that they provide organic clothing. We suggest you contact them directly to determine the procedures that they follow in order to label their clothes organic.  The reality is that we manage a clothing industry directory, but are not watch dogs for social consciousness or social responsibility.  Although we want all companies listed on this page to be following the proper standards and procedures, we unfortunately can not promise that they did so... Please do your own research.

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