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If you run or are on your feet for a prolonged amount of time, you know just how important it is to buy the right shoes. But, have you thought about insoles? Insoles can offer comfort and support to your overworked feet, extend the life of your shoe and can even help you fit into your favorite pair of shoes more easily.

fashion directory  Dick's Sporting Goods: There are three basic types of insoles: comfort insoles, molded insoles and custom orthotics. Comfort insoles are a great option if your feet are uncomfortable, sore or tired from running, exercising or standing because they are designed to increase arch support. If that doesn't do the trick, you may need something a little more tailored, like molded insoles or custom orthotics. Molded insoles are built to help assist with problems such as over-pronation, or very low or flat arches. Custom orthotics are similar, but are built by a specialist for your specific foot, typically doctor recommended. Visit the Dick's Sporting Goods stores or online to learn more about tips and what they have available.

fashion directory  Firmtech Foot Orthotics (Hong Kong): Custom made orthotic foot insoles for patients with foot, ankle, knee, thigh, and low back pain.   Their manufacturing lab supplies insoles for doctors all over Asia Address: 501, 50 Wellington Street Central HongKong Hong Kong  Phone:  852 2975 4114 or  852 8975 8234 Fax:   852 2524 7860  Email:  Contact: Dr. David Cosman

fashion directory  Footsmart FootSmart, the largest direct retailer of foot and lower body healthcare products in the United States, understands that when your feet hurt or are not properly cushioned or supported, your entire lower body can be negatively affected.

fashion directory  Heeling Touch: they offer "Shop at Home" service, which allows you to shop for shoe care products at low prices! Shoe Stretchers, Cedar Shoe Trees, Shoe Shine Kits, Kiwi Shoe Care Products, Shoe Laces, Insoles and much more, from the convenience of your home.

fashion directory  Orthotic Shop:  National Provider of high quality Custom Made Orthotics along with Apis Footwear, Aetrex, CrocsRx & P.W. Minor orthopedic shoes - designed to alleviate chronic foot pain and improve performance for all activities. Providing custom made orthotics backed by a fit-guarantee allows them to be the site of choice in providing you with extraordinary foot comfort. At their site you can view their selection of over-the-counter and custom made orthotics. Additionally they are a provider of stylish & functional extra-depth footwear.  Check out their selection of comfort dress, walking, and athletic-style orthopedic shoes to get a feel of the various footwear designed to accommodate custom-inserts. If you are looking for an alternative to Custom insoles, then look at their CustomSelect insoles - they offer the most precise fit and comfort available without the expense of custom orthotic insoles.  Address: PO Box 884 Mt. Clemens, MI 48046 Phone: 866-496-8651 Fax: 800-762-3097 Contact: Matt Behnke

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fashion directory  Sof Sole: Sof Sole Sports Specific insoles were first shipped to trade in November, 1990.  Sof Sole is a premium insole in sporting goods and shoe stores, with distribution in thousands of retail outlets in North America and in 55 foreign countries. Millions purchase Sof Sole insoles for relief of foot pain, lower body fatigue, ultimate foot comfort, and for better overall performance.

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