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shoe is a piece of footwear for humans, less than a boot and more than a slipper. This footwear is shaped to fit the foot (or the area below the ankle) with a flexible upper part of lLeather(or plastic) usually and a sole and heel of heavier material. Shoes differ from boots by not extending past the ankle. A moccasin is a specialized soft leather shoe worn by the Native Americans.

Because of (potential) foot odor, some people hate it if other people take their shoes off in their company. On the other hand, in some cultures (e.g. in Sweden or Japan), shoes are customarily removed when visiting someone's home. Guests do this to avoid tracking in dirt from outside and thus inconveniencing their host.

In trains it is often allowed to put one's feet on the opposite seat, provided that one takes one's shoes off or put them on a newspaper, piece of clothing, bag, etc., to avoid possible dirtying of the seat.

The shoe size units vary widely around the world. European sizes are measured in Paris Points which are worth two third of a centimeter. The UK and american units are approximately one quarter of inch, starting at 8 1/4 inches. More information can be found at the International Shoe Size Conversion Charts

Shoes for horses...
A horseshoe is nailed to underside of horse's hoof and serves a similar function as footwear for horses, and is installed by a farrier. This plate (or rim) is placed so as to prevent injury to the animal.

The section is for "researching" women's footwear.  It is not specifically for buying shoes.  If you actually wish to shop for shoes, here is the best place to do some Shopping For Shoes.


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