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Footwear Associations Directory

  British Footwear Association (BFA) (United Kingdom): The British Footwear Association is the representative body of UK suppliers of footwear. Britain is home to some of the world's leading footwear brands and the most innovative directional designers. The industry has a 2.3 billion annual turnover at ex-factory prices and exports over 90% of its production around the world. BFA benefits its members through a range of services including marketing, networking and advice on issues ranging from exporting products to government legislation.

  Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America: FDRA is a vertically integrated association of firms engaged in footwear distribution including: Retailers (national and regional chain shoe stores and footwear departments). Import buying agents and brand licensees. Wholesale footwear companies with U.S. and global brands. Affiliate Members ranging from leather suppliers to transportation firms.

  Independent Footwear Retailers Association (United Kingdom):  aimed at helping members of the public throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland to seek quality, responsible and reliable shoe shops. Members of IFRA agree to abide by a code of conduct and therefore you can purchase footwear and other allied products with absolute confidence. Their aims are to raise the standards of professionalism within the retail footwear industry

  Indian Footwear Components Association: Indian Footwear Components Manufacturers Association (IFCOMA) was established in 1992 to bring the Indian footwear component manufacturers on a common platform to help them to understand the various opportunities, growth potential, export initiatives, problems and hurdles to faster growth of this crucial sector. The association sought to support and encourage the member footwear component industries in improving their quality, services and marketability in the domestic and international markets.

  National Shoe Retailers of Associations (NSRA): The National Shoe Retailers Association (NSRA) is a trade organization representing independent shoe retailers. Founded in 1912, NSRA provides independent shoe retailers with solid, practical workplace benefits that enable them to operate their business more profitably and successfully.

  Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY): FFANY's membership includes 800 of the most famous brand names in the footwear industry.

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