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  Eastex  (Taiwan) : Eastex Shoes With an 8-member R&D team in Spain and several design centers in China, they absolutely have the capability to make excellent designs for your shoes. They are ready to provide marketable designs at any time to help their clients expand their market. Each month, they develop 30 new products to meet market demands. Most of their sports shoes, casual shoes and other footwear are exported to Europe and South America, sales volume up to US$15 million. They own three factories, and have close ties with 10 other factories, all equipped with advanced machines from the Taiwan area. They are also set to improve operations by bringing in administrators and artisans from Spain.  A stringent quality control system checks even the smallest raw materials, and is run by experts who have worked in Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Timely delivery is assured, with trade services and help in documentation available.

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