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  Bloch : Bloch's philosophy of listening to dancers is still as strong today as it was when Jacob Bloch made his first pair of pointe shoes in 1932. Russian born, Jacob arrived in Australia in 1931 at the height of the Great Depression and began making shoes by hand in the workshop where he lived. Today Jacob's family is still listening to dancers.  They work with professionals says David Wilkenfeld, Jacob's grandson, who is Managing Director of Bloch International.  The most important part of the design phase is combining both function and aesthetic to meet the dancers needs.  In addition to shoes, Bloch makes a comprehensive range of dance apparel and accessories designed specifically for dancers.  Working with the dancers is an essential part of designing garments that will perform well, enhance movement and feel great. Their greatest pleasure is when dancers tell us they love our products. dance shoe manufacturer - flats for ballet dancers

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