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Winter Boot Factories

This section of our footwear factory directory contains a listing of shoe factories that manufacture winter boots, snow boots, cold weather boots.

  Palm International : Jiangsu Palm International Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, Originating from Jiangsu Palm Technology Industry Trade Company, with headquarters in Nanjing city. In 2001 they established one office in Shanghai, responsible for shipping, banking, raw materials importing from Tanwan, Tailand and other Asia countries. Their company is now comprised of one trade company and three subsidiary factories for manufacturing rubber boots, PVC boots, injection boots, slush boots and snowboots. They have also invested in three joint venture factories for the production of neoprene products, garments, raincoat, footwear and hardware. Taking advantage of doing international business in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, they own a large warehouse that enables them deal with shipping logistics efficiently.

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If you live in a cold weather climate or plan to visit a location that is cold, we strongly suggest you wear warm boots ...  When it is cold outside, their is nothing better then a warm and cozy pair of winter boots.

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