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What is a shoe cover?  Simply put, it is a covering that goes over shoes.  The goal is to protect the shoe from contaminants, dirt, debris, etc.

fashion directory  Jiang Yin Jiwwe Protective Clothes Co., Ltd (China): they imported Germany equipment to produce meltblown and SMS nonwoven fabrics for over nine years.  To meet the needs ,they also produce nonwoven products, such as isolation gown, surgical caps, protective clothes, shoe cover, etc. Address: Luqiao  Jiang Yin  214425 China  Phone:  0510-6379258  Fax:   0510-6371659  Email:   Contact:  Fei Xhong Xiu  network  sales

fashion directory  MBL Impex Private Limited: their company specializes in offering qualitative range of Disposable Non-Woven Shoe Covers. Non Woven shoe covers provide strong, durable and effective protection to clean environment against dirt accumulated on the user feet or footwear.Non-Woven shoe covers are now more commonly being used across various industries like Pharma, Food Processing, Electronics, Hospitality, etc. Backed by a rich industry experience,  "MBL Impex Private Limited" are engaged in Manufacturing, Supplying, Distributing and Exporting a wide range of Tie Masks & Ear Loop Masks, Disposable Medical Caps & PE Apron and Shoe Covers.

fashion directory  Miller's Precision Enterprises Inc (United States): they produce safety apparel made from pre-washed spun bonded olefin.  They are located in Indiana, USA have been in business since 1987.   Miller's Precision Enterprises, Inc., (MPE), supplies Tyvek garments to a wide variety of industries at very competitive prices.  MPE carries Tyvek coveralls, lab coats, boot covers, shoe covers, sleeves, aprons, all in a wide selection of sizes and configurations, in stock for immediate shipment.  Address:  445 junction avenue  Schererville, Indiana 46375  USA  Phone: 219-865-4848  Fax: 219-865-0132 Email: Contact: Rob Tepperman

fashion directory  Quen Shoe Cover Machine: The Unique Manufacturer of Intelligent Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine - Zhejiang Quen Technology Co.,Ltd, located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. The main product of the company - Intelligent Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine is an automatic professional appliance to cover film under the shoe by utilizing the thermal shrinkable principle. It aims to achieve anti-bacteria and keeping clean, without stooping down and wearing shoe cover by hand. "Quen" Intelligent Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine has been developed since 2003.

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