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A magazine is a periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest.  Can you guess the subject or area of interest of a fashion magazine?  Yes, this type of publication is about fashion relevant topics.  Clothing, shoes, handbags, beauty, and other style relevant subjects are typically covered in a fashion magazine.

Fashion magazines are an essential component of the fashion industry. They are one of the primary methods that conveys and promotes the fashion designers vision to the final consumer.  This medium is a fabulous method for clothing companies, and fashion brand marketers to get their product in front of their target market.

Fashion magazines write editorials about fashion brands and fashion companies will also advertise in magazines for additional promotion and visibility to consumers.

Style magazines are filled with fashion content that is intended to educate consumers about new products, designer brands, special events, etc.  More importantly, the magazines are used partially to entice consumers to shop.

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You might be able to find fashion magazines at the fashion library.

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Fashion magazines are utilized by fashion marketing departments.  Style magazines are used to help influence fashion buying decisions.

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