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Time to learn about fashion industry marketing resources, techniques & tips.

Marketing companies will work with fashion companies to develop fully integrated marketing plans and campaigns via brand strategy, advertising, digital, social media, retail marketing and promotion that specifically focuses on building brand relevance among a broader target of consumers and shoppers.

Fashion Marketing combines the elements of advertising, design and business administration, as well as a solid understanding of the fashion world, in order to take a new or existing clothing or accessories line and get it the attention it needs to be successful.

Most large scale fashion marketing companies utilize integrated marketing practices understands where and when consumers are making the decision to buy a brand, and how to communicate with shoppers to engage and convert them to buyers.  In addition to converting viewers (potential consumers) into buyers is important but it is also important to develop brand recognition etc.

When selecting a marketing company, you obviously want to select a company that provides a service that can fit into your budget.  However, you also must be careful to select a company that is large enough or experienced enough to properly get the job done.  With this said, a small start up marketing agency may do a fantastic job for you as well. 

Most fashion marketing daily activities are done behind-the-scenes and do not get too much of the spot light.  Much work goes into the research and development of a well thought out marketing strategy.  People working in the marketing department must keep abreast of fashion trends and consumer buying habits.  This allows them to put together advertising campaigns that target specific consumer groups and appeal properly to their tastes. A fashion marketing department must also be mindful of the broader picture of the fashion world and keep an eye open for new style innovations that may be introduced into the field.  Fashion Marketers are the "big idea people".  They are similar to fashion designers, in the respect that they are creative people.  Good marketing professions understand that they can not simply be "creative".  They must be VERY careful to deliver the fashion designers or fashion companies message to the proper audience.  The marketing company is the connector between the fashion company and their public.  The message can not simply be creative for the sake of being creative.  It must be very carefully calculated to achieve the goals of the company that has hired the agency.  When all is said and done, the marketing efforts and strategy can make or break a company. 

Some of the leading brand-centric retail and brand marketing agencies will have offices in several cities or countries.  For the fashion industry in the United States, you may want to select an agency with offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Dallas.  Due to the internet and the phone, an agency does not have to have multiple offices.  Certainly, an agency can be successful even if they do not have multiple offices.  However, some of the larger agencies believe it is best to have multiple locations (they may be correct).

The agency takes an intellectual and experienced approach to applying core disciplines to help global brands and retailers to build brands and close sales.  Some of these core disciplines may include; shopper marketing, customer-specific marketing, consumer promotions and contests, social media marketing, etc.

Online Marketing

In the modern world, an apparel company is faced with many decisions.  In regard to marketing, companies must make a decision in regard to how much they wish to invest in marketing.  Equally important, they must decide where is the best place to spend their advertising dollars.  Here are a few key categories to consider: Television, Billboards, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio and the Internet.  Some companies will select to use one medium for advertising and some companies will use several or all of the above.  So, let's say that your company has already selected which medium to utilize.  Unfortunately, you would still be left with more decisions.  For example, let's say that you have selected to advertise on Television.  You would still need to decide which channel, what time of day, what time of year, etc.  Similar questions would also need to be answered when advertising on the radio, in fashion magazines, on the internet etc.  If you are managing your own campaign, you will need to make decisions.  However, if you use an agency, they may be able to manage these questions on your behalf.

Anyway, it is of our opinion that fashion company get the best bang for their buck when using "online marketing" strategies.  You may be asking yourself, why do we think the internet is better then Television.  Well, my answer to that question is rather straight forward.  The reason that the Apparel Search Company believes that online advertising is most appropriate is because we develop and own fashion "websites".  We do not currently own and television stations.  OK, in all fairness, I will give you another reason.  In our opinion, the majority of fashion companies have low marketing budgets (not all companies, but the majority).  Based on the fact that TV ads are very costly, marketing on the internet is more appropriate for the majority of fashion companies.

Fashion marketing is meant to have an influence on consumer behavior.

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You can promote fashion relevant topics on Social Media such as FIN, and Facebook.

Do you know the best place to spend your advertising dollars if you are promoting a fashion brand or company?

If you use online marketing as well as off line marketing may be able to achieve the status of becoming a lifestyle fashion brand.  Well, at least marketing would put you on the proper path to achieving that goal.

Fashion Marketing Education

Fashion Marketing Degree Program at Parsons : Merchandising and marketing experts are responsible for the fashion industry’s impact on our evolving global culture. The AAS in Fashion Marketing program immerses students in the fashion business, where they can explore the relationships between design, merchandising, and marketing.  Students research both design trends and consumers, investigating the rise and diffusion of fashion phenomena and how to successfully manage fashion cycles.

Fashion Marketing and Management Berkley College: Berkeley College’s degree programs in Fashion Marketing and Management integrate the creative and business aspects of the fashion industry that employers demand.  Incorporating marketing strategies and management skills, the programs encompass current technology and a complete understanding of the fashion industry.

Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at FIDM : FIDM is a specialized, private college dedicated to educating students for the Fashion, Graphics, Interior Design, and Entertainment IndustriesIn their fashion merchandising & marketing program students learn the skills to:

  • Apply, analyze, and forecast trends for upcoming season.
  • Acquire extensive knowledge of a target market.
  • Understand and complete a seasonal buy plan using industry-related technology.
  • Create a promotional campaign to enhance brand strategy.
  • Implement strong leadership and managerial skills to create a positive working environment.
  • Effectively present and communicate a business strategy.
  • Ask questions and discuss FIDM at the FIDM discussion group on FIN.
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT): When you enroll at FIT, you join a long line of ambitious, energetic pacesetters.  They have a tradition of teaching and inspiring emerging leaders of the fashion industry.  Below you will find only a small sampling of their relevant degree programs.

     Advertising and Marketing Communications

     Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing 

     Textile Development and Marketing 

     Direct and Interactive Marketing 

Ask questions and discuss FIT at the FIT discussion group on FIN.

Fashion Marketing Companies 

Below are a few marketing companies to consider if you are looking for an agency to help you develop your clothing brand.  Certainly, you can manage your own marketing campaign.  However, if you wish to utilize professionals, you may also want to weight the option of utilizing an experienced agent.

TPN is a part of Omnicom Group Inc ., a leading global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company. Omnicom's branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide advertising; strategic media planning and buying; interactive, direct and promotional marketing; public relations and other specialty communications services to over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

Gotham Direct : their goal isn't to build the biggest agency in New York City nor do they measure their worth by how many employees they can hire. Gotham Direct was built upon the belief that clients deserve demonstrable results, a positive return on their marketing investment and seasoned agency talent on their business.  Their team enables marketing partners to focus their investments on the most effective and profitable tactics allowing them to profitably scale their businesses.

Ascentium : Ascentium is a tight-knit band of writers, designers, user experience architects, solution architects, developers, testers, analysts, strategists, planners, consultants, creative directors, account directors, and project managers. They are dedicated to creating and delivering exceptional experiences—multichannel, interactive, transactional, and social—through interdisciplinary collaboration and close client engagement.

Fashion PR Companies : Directory of fashion pr companies from Apparel Search.  This directory will have you find public relations companies to assist you with your marketing efforts.

Fuse Youth Marketing Agency : Fuse is a youth culture agency that connects brands with teens and young adults through sports, music, fashion, gaming and other interests. They help brands reach a mass audience while maintaining credibility with key influences. Services include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Event Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Design
  • Digital 

If you have questions about fashion marketing issues, it may be a good idea to stop by the Fashion Industry Network and utilize the discussion area of the marketing groups.  Below are two groups that may be of assistance to you:

     Fashion Marketing Group

     Fashion PR & Marketing Group

We hope that our above description of fashion marketing is of assistance to you.  If you can think of information that should be added to this fashion term, please do not hesitate to let us know.  We are always happy to add more information to help people that are researching this subject.

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Proper marketing techniques help influence fashion decisions.

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