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New York City might be the best place to catch a show.  It is not all about Broadway.  The fashion shows are equally as important to the city as the theater district.  Speaking of districts, after you finish learning about fashion shows in NYC, you may want to also learn more about the NYC fashion district.

A fashion show is a special event at which fashion designers display their collections of clothing & footwear to an audience.  The garments are typically displayed on fashion models that walk the runway.  The audience is typically made up of industry insiders, celebrities, clothing store buyers and the media.  Learn more from our fashion show summary.

Fashion shows take place all around the world in large cities to small towns.  New York City is one of the fashion capitals that is famous for having many fashion shows.

New York Fashion Week is one of the primary fashion show venues. 

Visit the NYFW website.

If you would like to find event dates, you may want to visit the NYC Go website for the calendar.  NYC Go Fashion Calendar.

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Fashion shows NYC influence clothing, footwear, and accessory trends around the globe.



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