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We all recall the mullet hairstyle that is short at the front and sides, and long in the back. According to Wikipedia, the mullet was often ridiculed as a low-brow and unappealing hairstyle. It began to appear in popular media in the 1960s and 1970s, but did not become generally well-known until the early 1980s. The mullet hairstyle continued to remain popular until the mid-1990s and has enjoyed a partial return to favor as a retro look in the 2000s. More recently, Apparel Search has seen the emergence of the "mullet dress," which Urban Dictionary defines as a dress that is long in the back and short in the front.

A while back, Miley Cyrus arrived at the VH1 Divas show clad in a dramatic black dress that had a very short front and a long back. Speaking of short in the front and long in the back, the mullet hairstyle with a similar description was made famous by her father Bill Ray. Many other designers and celebrities have been inspired by the mullet, and these looks have been worn by some of Hollywood's most fashionable women. Haute couture designers such as Chanel, Prada, and Valentino Couture, have all introduced their own versions of the mullet dress. Those who have worn the retro-inspired style include Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Anne Hathaway, Elizabeth Banks, and more.

By Regina Cooper for Apparel Search November 2010.


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