Historical Reference About Our Past Projects
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ApparelSearch.com (launched December 1998)

ClothingIndustryJobs.com (launched Nov 2005 and sold Oct 2012)

DesignerSearch.com (launched February 2006 and closed November 2014)

ClothingModel.com (launched 2006)

ApparelMagazine.com (launched 2007)

ApparelJobs.net (launched May 2007)

FashionIndustryNetwork.com (launched July 2008)

The following is for historical reference only.  Over the years we have tried several different projects with the intention of providing beneficial services for the apparel industry.  Some of our projects have been amazing, and others have fizzled out.

Here is how the main page of our site looked briefly in the past:

View 2 - this is how it all began.

View 3 - this was a later modification (forget the years).

View 4 - here is another look at our history (forget the years).

Apparel Search 2011

Again, the comments below are outdated.  They are for historical purposes only.  Some of the projects and services discussed are no longer available.

Below are a few of our projects:

Designer Search

In February 2006, The Apparel Search Company launched www.DesignerSearch.com

Designer Search - for the FASHION and TEXTILE industry...

Designer Search is a FREE tool intended to assist fashion and textile industry artists / designers / design studios and companies that are searching for assistance with design functions, find one another.  Fashion and textile industry artists can utilize this tool to post their design portfolios and basically advertise their talents while potential employers can utilize Designer Search to find the artists who they would like to consider working with.

Artists/designers can create and modify a Designer Search profile for themselves by utilizing our simple to navigate administration area.  Designer Search profiles can include portfolios of design images and contact information.  In an effort to assist artists who wish to freelance
on the side, we have included a method for anonymous communication.  This will allow a potential employer to contact an artist without seeing the artist's full contact information. After the designer / artist, receives the first correspondence, they can decide if they wish to respond to the potential employer and only at that time the potential employer would learn the designers contact detail.

Designer Search is a free tool that can provide a meeting ground.  Simply stated, this is a "match making service" to assist with business activities relevant to DESIGN aspects of the fashion industry.  All communication, design approvals, price negotiations, payments etc., will be between the buyer and seller of design services.  Designer Search is not involved with the transactions between artists and employers. All business dealings are strictly between the artist and employer.

The Designer Search b2b portal is for clothing and textile design only.  If you offer fashion industry design services, you are welcome to create a profile ...

 Clothing Industry Jobs

In November 2005, The Apparel Search Company launched www.ClothingIndustryJobs.com  

Although the Apparel Search web site had an employment message board system since the first year of the web sites development, the board was for lack of a better word, "terrible".   Therefore, we invested in a new system and have launched our employment site at ClothingIndustryJobs.com  If you are wondering why we did not simply place the employment system directly on the ApparelSearch.com web site, the answer is rather simple.  We did not wish to risk overloading our main web site with too many databases.  The idea has been that keeping the employment system at a separate address, would be easier to manage. 

We then had two primary sections for employment issues.

  •  Our Fashion Industry Jobs Directory - employment resources, employment agency listings, job guides, employment articles etc.
  •  Our Clothing Industry Jobs website - jobs database system for employers to post job opportunities for the fashion and textile industry.  In addition to benefiting "employers", the service aids "employees" with locating employment opportunities relevant to fashion, clothing or textiles.  Fashion industry employees can post resumes that they can edit as their experience changes.

The Clothing Industry Jobs web site was created as a Free service for posting and reading employment opportunities & resumes. 

In October 2012, the Apparel Search Company SOLD the Clothing Industry Jobs website at ClothingIndustryJobs.com

Check out our new Fashion Job Search site, launched January 2007.

Apparel Search Associated Press (ASAP)

The Apparel Search Associated Press is the News division of the Apparel Search Company.  In abbreviation, we often refer to this division as A.S.A.P (a great place to get your fashion news fast).   In addition, to being able to conveniently read apparel & textile related news, our viewers are also permitted to freely submit their own company news.  This service is Free for all of our viewers. Unlike some industry resources, we do "not" require that you advertise with us in order to post news.  The Apparel Search Associated Press is for "All" apparel & textile related companies big & small.  This will assure that our readers receive industry news from all corners of the globe as well as from large & small companies alike.

Visit our new fashion news site at www.FashionNewspaper.com

This service is still new and will increase in depth as companies learn of this wonderful Free service.  In the future, the Apparel Search Associated Press will also develop our future web sites; ApparelMagazine.com & ApparelNews.org

To learn more about the Apparel Search Associated Press (ASAP)  You can visit our fashion news section.


Production Services

The Apparel Search Company offers services for Sourcing, Production, Quality Control and Importation  of garments.
  This is an excellent service for new as well as experienced members of the apparel industry.  Take advantage of our experience and world wide contacts. 

You can view our Production Services pages for more information.

Apparel Search Factoring Service

The Apparel Search Company has formed an alliance with J&D Financial to provide Factoring & Purchase Order Financing  services to the international Apparel and Textile Industry.

Through our combined effort, the Apparel Search Company has launched a new service that is focused on helping you locate services that will completely satisfy your companies financing requirements.  In order to properly assist our viewers, J&D Financial has agreed to provide Apparel Search viewers with cost effective Factoring & Purchase Order Financing

Apparel Search India

To better serve our clients in the area of quality assurance and production, the Apparel Search Company has developed a partnership office in India.   The experienced Apparel Search India staff can assist your company with all aspects of producing garments from India.   Whether you work for a large clothing company or you are new to the industry, Apparel Search India will help you make the most out of the wonderful resources available though out the country of India.

To learn more, visit Apparel Search India

Apparel Search Design Studio

The Apparel Search Design Studio is a wonderful resource for the development of logos, labels, hangtags, garment silhouettes, presentation boards etc.  Our art department is well experienced in all areas of apparel related design.  If you are looking for your first design studio, or simply a better one, you have come to the right place ...

You can view our Design Studio for more information.

Apparel Search Logistics

Apparel Search Logistics is a consultation service designed specifically for the international Clothing and Textile industries.   Our mission is to systematically evaluate your product supply chain and guide your company toward improved operational efficiencies.   In conjunction with improving your logistical effectiveness, we simultaneously reduce operational expenditure.   Apparel Search Logistics will develop a customized solution to help you manage your complete supply chain process.

You can view Apparel Search Logistics for more information.

Apparel Search Modeling

Apparel Search Modeling" is an online portfolio service for young men and women that are interested in entering the modeling profession.   In a nut shell, the service provides an inexpensive method for models to create an "online model portfolio". 
  Apparel Search Modeling is NOT a modeling agency.   Our service simply allows models to increase their exposure by utilizing a professional online portfolio in association with self promotion.

In addition to assisting young models, the service provides an excellent opportunity for Photographers, Designers, Magazines etc., to locate new faces from around the world. 

To learn more about Apparel Search Models.

Clothing Model

Clothing Model
Directory web site is a business to business guide for the Modeling Industry and related Beauty Products & Model Related Services. The Clothing Model B2B directory is focused primarily on Models, Photographers, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Modeling Agencies, PR Companies, Event Planners, Cosmetic & Perfume Suppliers etc.

The Clothing Model web site (http://www.clothingmodel.com ) was launched in February 2005, as a new division of the Apparel Search Company LLC. This newly created interactive web site has been designed specifically to education viewers in regard to the world of MODELING AND BEAUTY. The Clothing Model web site is most accurately classified as a B2B Portal / Directory for the Modeling Industry. Our directory is vast and growing on a continuous basis, as is the modeling industry in general. Although the site will take a few years to reach its potential, we have been told that we are off to a good start. The goal of ClothingModel.com is not only to become the most widely utilized directory in the modeling industry, we are also eager to be the most convenient and easy to navigate directory. Although we may or may not be the largest we certainly plan to become an industry favorite.

To learn more about about the Clothing Model web site, visit www.ClothingModel.com

Launched in April 2006, Clothing Model Portfolios (ClothingModel.net)  The Clothing Model Directory web site was launched as a new division of the Apparel Search Company LLC. This newly created interactive web site has been designed specifically to provide fashion models with an online modeling portfolio to assist them with promoting their bios and images to the international fashion industry.

To learn more about the Clothing Model Portfolio service, visit www.ClothingModel.net

 Apparel Search Sample Maker

Apparel Search can assist you with the sewing of your clothing samples.  Technical sewing experts will assist you with perfect garment construction.  Our team has the equipment and knowledge to sew on any garment fabrication; including leather...

Learn more about our fashion industry sample making service.

Advertising Sales Consultants

The Apparel Search Company has organized a team of Advertising Sales Consultants. The sales consultants are responsible for the sale of advertising space on the ApparelSearch.com web site.   In the future, we will increase the potential earnings of our sales consultants via the opening of additional web sites (ApparelIndustry.com, ApparelRetailer.com, ApparelWholesaler.com etc) If you are interested in learning more about the Advertising Sales Consultant program.

Learn about partnerships and alliances with the fashion industry leader...

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