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The Fashion Trend Forecast 2011 Essay Contest is COMPLETE.

First Place Winner : Yogitha : Fashion Trend Forecast 2011 Essay - submitted 2/14/11
(learn more about Yogitha)

Second Place Winner : Kimberlee VDW : Fashion Trend Forecast 2011 Essay - submitted 2/2/11
(learn more about Kimberlee VDW)


IMPORTANT : This contest in unfortunately only open to members of the Fashion Industry Network that live in the United States (or have a method to receive payment via Paypal). The reason is that the prize will be paid by either check or by Paypal. IF you do not live in the USA, we can not send you a check.  If you do not have access to Paypal, we can not pay you electronically.  The point is, if you can not receive payment by paypal or receive a check from a USA bank, I have no way to pay you...

Fashion Trend Forecast 2011 Essay SUBMISSIONS

Contest Subject : What am I supposed to write about???

Fashion Contest Prize

How do I submit my essay?

When does the contest end?

What are the contest rules?

This is too much reading, please give me a summary !!!

All entries will be listed on Apparel Search with a link to your profile on the Fashion Industry Network.  This is a good way to promote your business...  If you are a professional fashion forecaster, journalist, fashion blogger, etc., this is a nice method to highlight your talents.

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 Fashion Contest Prize 

1st Prize = US $40.

2nd Prize = US $20.

It is agreed that the prize amounts are small...  However, the intention of this contest was designed around the concept of education and "FUN". The contest was not designed to make you rich.  If you want to get rich quick, try the lottery...  If you want to brainstorm about fashion trends and then creatively write about your fashion forecast, you are welcome to join in the contest.

 Contest Subject : This is what you are supposed to write about ... 

ESSAY SUBJECT : Fashion Trend Forecast 2011

Write an essay regarding your fashion trend forecast for 2011.  In other words, what do you think will be an important fashion trend in 2011?  You can discuss color, fabrics, silhouette, or anything else that catches your fancy.  You are welcome to discuss fashion trends relevant to a specific season such as spring 2011 or Fall 2011.  Or you can avoid being specific to a particular season.

When the essay's are judged, the judge or judges will not be basing their decision on whether or not they believe your forecast to be correct or incorrect.  You will be judged more in regard to the passion in which you write and your reasoning behind why you feel you are on target to properly forecast 2011 fashion trends.  In all honesty, we do not care if the trends you forecast become an important reality.  We are more interested in the method, passion, and creativity you utilize in your writing (and your knowledge of fashion).

Minimum word count : 150 words

Maximum word count : 2000 words 

note: we will not be counting the words and will accept longer essays.  However, please try to keep within this range.  We will NOT penalize for going over the word count limit on this particular fashion essay contest.

You may include one or two images with your essay.

 How do I submit my essay? 

1) Send your submission as a private message to Apparel1 

2) Subject Line: The subject line of your e-mail MUST say "Submission Fashion Contest : 2011 Fashion Trends"

Similar to how you would send private messages to other members of the network, you will find the link to "send a message" from Apparel1's profile page.  The link can be found under the profile image if you are having trouble finding it.

Unlike our last fashion essay contest, we have decided to utilize a different submission process.  During the last contest, we submitted our essay's directly in the discussion forum here on the Fashion Industry Network.  The concern with this method is that the members that submit their essay toward the end date of the contest, would have the opportunity to read all of the other submits (possibly gaining a slight advantage).  Therefore, for this essay contest you will NOT post your essay submission directly on the network.

After you submit your essay, I will create a page with your essay on Apparel Search.  After February 14th (when the contest ends), I will then link to the pages from the fashion contest section on FIN. 

After that time, the judges will review the entries.   After the review of submissions is complete we will announce the winners.

 When does the contest end?

In order to be eligible you must send your essay by midnight on February 14, 2011

The e-mail system will time stamp your submission.

 What are the rules?

Note: We maintain the right to update or modify the rules of this contest at any time and without notice. FYI: We do not plan to make any major changes. We just want you to know that we may make adjustments if we realize that we forget to add something to the rules above...

 Contest Summary 

In summary, write an essay between 150 to 2000 words about your Fashion Trend Forecast for 2011 (what you think will be important fashion trends for 2011).  Send your essay via the Fashion Industry Network private messaging system to Apparel1Make certain to write in the subject line of the message, "Submission Fashion Contest : 2011 Fashion Trends" or your submission may be missed.  The first and second place winners will receive a small token gift of $40. for 1st and $20. for 2nd just so the winners can have a little something...  The contest is for fun, not fortune... All contestants will win respect for themselves for putting forth a valiant effort which is priceless...

If you have questions or comments regarding the contest, you can post in the Fashion Trend Forecast 2011 Essay Contest forum.  If you do not get a response and you have an urgent question regarding the contest, you can also send a message to Apparel1.

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Organized by Apparel1 and Judged by Gerald Sherman.

If you are interested, you can see an example of our previous fashion essay contest for reference of the process.


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Fashion Trend Forecast 2011 : Fashion Essay Contest

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