Fashion Industry Network Rules That SHOULD be Followed

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Here are the important rules at the Fashion Industry Network that SHOULD be followed
Rule # 1:  Take your time to fill out your profile page. 
If you do not have an interest in properly developing your fashion industry profile, we assume that you do not have much interest in the Fashion Industry Network. If you do not have an interest in this network, you should NOT be a member.  In other words, if you do not have time to fill out your profile, you should not have joined.  As we find profiles that are not complete, we will delete them...
Note: you do not have to fill out every single field in the profile area.  We are reasonable...
Rule # 2:  Please add a profile image
You are NOT required to use a picture of yourself if you are not comfortable doing so.  However, you should at least upload a profile image that is relevant to fashion.  Currently, the system is set with a default image for all profiles.  The problem is that the image is not very fashionable.  In order to keep up the nice appearance of the site, it is best for each profile to have a unique (and fashionable) image.  Again, it is best to use your own image, but it is not required.  If you do not have a good fashion image of your own, possibly you can ask another member to assist you.
Rule # 3: Help Us Help you
The purpose of the Fashion Industry Network is to create an environment of open communication to foster business discussions relevant to fashion industry (and related industries such as jewelry, modeling, textiles etc.).  In order to do this, we need to keep the network clean of spam, pervs, and jerks...  PLEASE let us know if you notice any unusual activity on the site.  If their is a member that you think is not here for the proper reasons, speak up immediately.  We definitely want them out. 
If you notice a member has never been active or has never taken the time to properly develop their profile, let me know so that the profile can be removed.  As far as I am concerned if they have never contributed to the community they should be removed without question.  Unlike other networks, we are NOT here to simply collect members.  We do not win a special award for having a large number of members in our network.  Our goal is to create a good community, not a large one.  If you find that members do not deserve to be in the network, voice your opinion and they will be removed.  In all honesty, I would rather have a few good member then a thousand useless ones...
Rule # 4 : Always follow the rules...

Here are a few new rules...  Rules About Adding Photos

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