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About Helly Hansen

In this area of the Apparel Search fashion brand directory, you will find Women's fashion brands from leading apparel companies and fashion designers.  On this particular page, you will find information regarding Women's clothing with the Helly Hansen brand.  You are welcome to utilize this section of our clothing guide to review Helly Hansen news, Helly Hansen blog posts, Helly Hansen photos, and more.  Please understand that you may run into a few photos or a tad of information that does not actually pertain to the Women's Helly Hansen fashion brand.  Unfortunately, no search technology is absolutely perfect We will continue to do our best to bring you as much information about the Women's Helly Hansen fashion collection as possible.

Founded in Norway in 1877.  Shop jackets & gear for Skiing, Sailing, Outdoor, and Sportswear.  Through insights drawn from living and working in the world's harshest environments, the company has developed a long list of first-to-market innovations, including the first supple waterproof fabrics almost 140 years ago.

Helly Hansen Womens Brand

Ski jackets, parkas, boots, shell pants, vests, rainwear, down jackets, hats, gloves, socks, and much more.

In the 1920s a new fabric, which Helly Hansen called Linox, was developed. Over the next 30 years the name Linox would transfer to a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) application.

A change for the brand came in 1949 when Helox was developed. The sheet of translucent PVC plastic sewn into waterproof coats and hats became a popular item. About 30,000 Helox coats were produced each month. Plarex, a heavier-duty version of Helox, backed by fabric, was developed for workwear.

A product developed for the outdoor and workwear markets was Fibrepile which is an insulation layer for wearing under waterproofs. It was used by Swedish lumbermen, who discovered that it offered insulation against the cold, and ventilated well during hard, physical work in the forest.

The layering story was completed in the 1970s, with the development of LIFA. The polypropylene fibre used in LIFA kept the skin dry and warm by pushing moisture away from the body, making it the ideal base-layer fabric for outdoor and workwear use. It was the birth of the 3-layer systems of dress with LIFA close to the body, Fibrepile as an insulation layer, and rainwear for protection.

Helly Hansen clothing developed a following among urban youth in the late 1990s, particularly in North England and with the hip hop culture in the United States.  The brand developed a mass appeal and is now sold in sports shops, not only the hiking and specialized clothing shops of before.

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Investcorp acquired Helly Hansen in 1997. In October 2006, Investcorp sold its interest in Helly Hansen to Altor Equity Partners, "A private equity firm focusing on investments in companies based in the Nordic region."[citation needed] In 2012, Altor sold a 75% stake in Helly Hansen to the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.  In 2015 the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan increased its position, acquiring Altor's remaining stock in the business.

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