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Welcome to the worlds greatest guide to men's sleepwear.  In this area of the Apparel Search directory, you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding sleepwear for men.  Yes, men often sleep in boxer shorts and t-shirts, but more options do exist.

Sleepwear which is some times referenced as nightwear is clothing designed to be worn while sleeping.  Pajamas, often shortened to PJs, jimmies, jimjams or jammies, are loose-fitting or tight-fitting garments worn chiefly for sleeping, but sometimes also for lounging.  Adult pajamas can be cross between loungewear and sleepwear.  Traditional pajamas consist of a jacket-and-pants combination made of soft fabric, such as flannel or lightweight cotton.  The jacket element usually has a placket front and its sleeves have no cuffs.  However, the styling may vary.  Many people opt to sleep or lounge in just the pajama pants, either with a t-shirt, or barechested (no top).  In the men's market pajama pants (or lounge pants) are often sold as separates (you can buy a bottom without the matching top).

The style of nightwear worn by men may vary with the seasons.  With warmer styles being worn in colder conditions and lighter weight fabrics worn in warmer conditions.

Adult onesies and other all-in-one footed sleepsuits worn by adults are similar to an infant onesie or children's blanket sleeper.  They are usually made from cotton, polyester or blended fiber, and marketed under a number of different brand names.  They are often made in novelty designs.

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